Nephrotic syndrome is not a disease but a group of symptoms that there is something wrong with your kidney. The occurrence of nephritic syndrome corresponds to excess protein in the urine, low protein in the blood, and a high level of cholesterol in the blood.  Nephrotic is more common in men and adults than in women. The nephrotic syndrome also causes proteinuria, a condition in which the kidney expels a large amount of protein through the urine, making it deficient in the body. As protein is the building blocks needed for the protection of the body from infections and growth of the body, the loss of it can make your body vulnerable to various diseases. Therefore, consult nephrotic syndrome treatment doctor in Himachal Pradesh if you have been screened for the syndrome. Signs to observe for nephrotic syndrome Check if you have:
  • Swelling on your face, legs, feet, or ankles
  • You are losing your appetite
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Putting on weight
  • Foam or bubbles in your urine
Nephrotic syndrome is caused by damage to your kidney filters. High blood pressure, blood sugar level damage the blood vessels in your kidney and other body parts which are the leading causes of nephrotic.  The other medical conditions include focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), prolonged PKD etc. When you lose protein called albumin through your urine, the body starts to accumulate the extra fluid that you need to get rid of. This makes it hard for the blood to carry out oxygen to your different body parts leading to poor concentration, appetite issue, anemia, weakness, high blood pressure, infection and much more. Nephrotic syndrome treatment in Ayurveda Nephrotic syndrome is also responsible for a heart stroke in men and may lead to the death of the patient if not diagnosed and cured. Nephrotic syndrome treatment in Uttar Pradesh is suggested to the patients to reverse the effects of nephrotic that may lead to kidney failure. The ayurvedic treatment works on the underlying causes of nephrotic and helps to eliminate the consequences it can have on your body. Since ages, herbs like Kaasni, Varun, Punarnava, and Shirish have been used in improving the overall health of the human being. They are widely used to treat kidney infections, stones, UTIs and other kidney diseases that can damage your kidney.  The major benefits of ayurvedic treatment are:
  • It improves your overall well-being
  • Works on maintaining the health of your kidney
  • Reduce the frequency of dialysis
  • Prevent kidney failure
  • No side-effect on the body
Karma Ayurveda’s nephrotic syndrome treatment in Himachal Pradesh Since 1937, Karma Ayurveda has been working effortlessly to alleviate the stress of dialysis from the lives of the patients. If you or your family member is suffering from the complications of any kidney disease, Dr. Puneet Dhawan can help you in providing relief. Our nephrotic syndrome treatment in Kashmir has saved the lives of so many patients.

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