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What is Kidney Infection (Pyelonephritis)?

Kidney Infection (Pyelonephritis) is a type of urinary tract infection that may involve inflammation of the kidneys. The condition may occur when bacteria, usually from the lower urinary tract, move up to the ureter and start infecting one or both kidneys. Kidney infections can be more serious than lower UTIs. Consider taking kidney infection ayurvedic treatment if you suspect any signs of a Kidney infection or UTIs. Kidney Infection (Pyelonephritis) can be acute or chronic which may result in serious complications if left untreated.

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Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Infection

During Kidney Infection (Pyelonephritis), a patient may experience the following symptoms involving -

  • Fever or high body temperature.
  • Side (flank) or small of the back, especially in the area over the kidneys.
  • Cloudy urine.
  • Pus or blood in the urine.
  • Tiredness and fatigue.
  • Urgent or frequent need to pee.

If experiencing any of the aforementioned, immediately consult the doctor for kidney infection medicine. Ayurvedic treatment for Kidney Infection should be integrated into the overall care plan under the supervision of Ayurvedic practitioners.

Causes of Kidney Infection

The prime causes of Kidney Infection (Pyelonephritis) to occur is a bacterial infection that arises from the lower urinary tract. Some types of bacteria that may cause kidney infections are

  • E.coli
  • Proteus mirabilis
  • Enterobacter
  • Staphylococcus

E coli is the most common bacteria responsible for causing Kidney Infection (Pyelonephritis). Acquire Kidney Infection ayurvedic treatment to eliminate the disease. Apart from these, Urinary tract issues, kidney stones, weakened immune system or any severe infection in the bloodstream can also spread to the kidneys causing acute Kidney Infection (Pyelonephritis).

Complications of Kidney Infection

If you don't get treatment for Kidney Infection (Pyelonephritis) can cause serious issues like -

  • Kidney Damage - Pus may get collected and create an abscess inside the kidney tissue. It's possible for the bacteria to spread to other parts of your body. Scarring on your kidneys can lead to high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, and kidney failure.
  • Blood Poisoning (Septicemia) - When bacteria from a kidney infection spread to the body and into your organs. This is a medical emergency that requires immediate treatment.
  • Severe Infection - Emphysematous pyelonephritis is an infection that may damage kidney tissue and cause toxic gas accumulation. It usually happens in people with diabetes.
  • Problems During Pregnancy - Women who have kidney infections during pregnancy are more likely to have premature babies or have a low weight.

Prevention of Kidney Infection

Reduce the risk of Kidney Infection, which may involve -

  • Good hygiene practices.
  • Hydration.
  • Prompt treatment of Constipation and UTIs.
  • Hydration ensures adequate fluid intake to remove bacteria from the urinary tract.
  • Instil good hygiene practices to prevent the spread of bacteria, and wipe from front to back after defecation.

Get Kidney Infection treatment in Ayurveda to prevent bacteria from spreading to the Kidneys

Kidney Infection Treatment in pregnancy

Women who have Kidney infections during pregnancy are more likely to have premature babies or have a low weight. The treatment for kidney infection in female pregnancy generally involves antibiotic therapy and IV fluids to keep urine output sufficient. The first-line treatment for kidney infection usually involves antibiotics. When it comes to the best antibiotics for Kidney Infection (Pyelonephritis), the choice of antibiotic may depend upon factors like the infection severity, and individual response to antibiotic (e.g allergies). Acute Kidney Infection (Pyelonephritis) antibiotics can help prevent the progression of the disease. Penicillins (amoxicillin) and first-generation cephalosporins are taken into use for Chronic Kidney Infection (Pyelonephritis).

Kidney Infection Treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatment for kidney infection integrates a wide range of treatments, including herbal remedies, dietary adjustments, and lifestyle practices to foster Kidney health and prevent complications.

  • Herbal approaches

    The herbal approach and ayurvedic medicine for kidney infection are effective treatments as they preserve normal pH, which alleviates the bacterial effect. The management of such infection involves Gokshura, Punarnava, Varuna, Guduchi, and so on. Consult an ayurvedic practitioner who, after evaluating your health status and the severity of your condition, assists you with proper medication and guidance.

  • Panchkarma

    Panchakarma is a natural treatment that cleanses and renews the body's inner balance and vitality. The treatment method aims to benefit overall health, wellness, and self-healing. The treatment has rejuvenating benefits for the human body and has a proven impact on UTI infections. Virechana and basti are the best therapies for the treatment of kidney infection.

  • Yoga and breathing techniques

    Yoga is known to restore the exhaustion and depleted energy of the body. Yoga is beneficial in acquiring relief from the signs of UTI, and works effectively in the body's favour. Suryanamaskar, pranayama, shat kriyas, chair pose, triangle pose, and squat pose are some of the exercises that aid in UTI as well as the overall health of an individual. Performing these asanas and stretch exercises strengthen and tone the affected muscles.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes for Kidney Infection

Dietary changes aid in the reduction of the symptoms. So, to ease the discomfort, you must make alterations to your diet, which may involve -

  • The intake of spicy foods should be reduced.
  • Avoid Caffeinated drinks as they can impact your bladder and may worsen the UTI symptoms.
  • Consume as much water as you can.
  • The benefits of fresh lemon juice, coconut water, cranberry juice, orange juice, sugarcane juice, and pineapple juice are considerable.
  • Have seasonal fruits like apples, grapes, peaches, berries, pomegranates, figs, and plums in high amounts.
  • Probiotics like yogurt and curd have the potential to correct any imbalances caused by bacterial infections.
  • The Urinary tract will be promoted and cooled by drinking coriander juice, which will consequently flush out toxins.
  • Involve fiber in your diet.
  • Rather than regular salt, start using Himalayan crystal salt or sea salt, which doesn't put a burden on your kidneys and bladder.
  • Have Cucumber in your diet as it has a high water content.


A person's lifestyle determines their health. Adopting good lifestyle habits is a must to ensure a disease-free life.

  • Pay attention to personal hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Vaginal cleaning reduces the chances of bacterial growth and infection.
  • Taking a warm water bath or applying a heating pad to the abdomen region can help alleviate pain.
  • Use dry clothes after the bath.
  • Good personal hygiene practices should be followed by women during menstrual periods.
  • Wear cotton and loose clothes.
  • Urinate before and after sexual activity, and make sure to keep your genital area clean.
  • Avoid exposure to intense sun and heat.
  • Prevent holding onto urine, as it retains toxins in your system.
  • Stay away from dampness and moisture that can lead to urinary infections.

Why Choose Karma Ayurved for Kidney Infection

Kidney Infection (Pyelonephritis) is a serious condition or can be a life-threatening disease. An ayurveda expert can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment based on your individual health status.

Why delay? Visit Karma Ayurveda, where you will be assisted by dedicated Ayurvedic doctors who can help you manage the disease with an >ayurvedic medicine for kidney infection. By following instructions from a qualified doctor and incorporating a prescribed diet, lifestyle, kidney infection medicine, and detox therapy, you can experience a great outcome.

We go deep down to figure out the root cause of the issue and eliminate it with the wide range of kidney infection treatment in Ayurveda. Stay assured that the treatment given at Karma Ayurveda is completely natural and has zero side effects.

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