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What is Blood Urea?

Blood urea refers to the presence of urea, a waste product formed in the liver, in the bloodstream. Urea is a waste produced after the breakdown of proteins, and is generally excreted through the kidneys. An elevated blood urea level is a sign of impaired kidney function or other underlying health problem, such as kidney disease, liver damage or heart failure.

So, there is a need for high blood urea treatment. Ayurveda provides effective ayurvedic medicines to reduce high urea and Ayurveda is effective treatment to reduce high urea and creatinine levels naturally.

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Signs and Symptoms of High Blood Urea

High blood urea is a medical condition that happens when the urea concentration in the bloodstream exceeds normal levels. The below mentioned are few of the signs that high blood urea including -

  • Fatigue - An increase in blood urea level could cause a feeling of weakness and fatigue
  • Nausea and Vomiting - Gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting, can result from the formation of urea.
  • Decreased urination - Urine output may be decreased if the change in urinary pattern decreases.
  • Edema - Swelling, especially in the hands and feet may cause fluid retention.

Other symptoms of high blood urea are UTI, gastrointestinal bleeding, and certain medications. A patient living with liver disease may experience high blood urea level due to affected liver function, causing decreased production of urea cycle enzymes needed for proper metabolism. If experiencing these signs, visit an Ayurvedic practitioner to get medicine for blood urea reduce.

Causes of Blood Urea

Identifying the underlying cause of high blood urea levels needs proper medical assessment. The causes of the blood urea are as follows -

  • Kidney Dysfunction - An impaired kidney function is a primary cause of high blood urea level. As a result, the filtration ability of the kidneys get affected.
  • Dehydration - Inadequate water intake can level-up high blood urea.
  • Heart failure - Urea excretion can happen when heart failure decreases blood flow to the kidneys.
  • High Protein diet - High blood urea levels can be caused by eating a diet high in protein intake. If we consume too much protein for our body's tissue repair and growth, the excess amount is converted into ammonia and then urea by the kidneys before being disposed of.

High blood Urea and High Blood Urine Nitrogen

Blood urea and Blood urea nitrogen are the terms often used interchangeably in clinical settings to assess kidney function, and evaluating several metabolic processes. Consult an ayurvedic kidney specialist for Blood urea nitrogen high treatment.

Blood Urea

Blood urea refers to the urea concentration in the bloodstream. The waste product urea is a result of protein metabolism. It is then transported in the blood to the kidneys, where it is filtered out and eventually sent in the urine. A high blood urea level shows the issue related to kidney function or other health issues.

Ayurvedic treatment for high blood urea is the best treatment of choice for people who want to get rid of toxic substances in their body using Ayurveda medicines.

Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)

Blood urea nitrogen or BUN usually measures the nitrogen content of urea in the blood. When the protein breaks down in the body, the nitrogen from the proteins converted into urea, which contains nitrogen Blood urea nitrogen test is a way of measuring the amount of nitrogen in the form of urea in the blood.

Like any other assessment, Blood urea nitrogen report is necessary to examine the results together with other kidney function tests like serum creatinine, and glomerular filtration rate for a comprehensive assessment of Kidney health. So, the high serum urea treatment, and high creatinine treatment can be given promptly to prevent complications to occur.

Blood urea is an extensive term related to the concentration of urea in the blood, while BUN specifically measures the nitrogen content of urea in the blood as a sign of kidney function, and metabolic processes. If experiencing the symptoms of high blood urea nitrogen or symptoms of low blood urea nitrogen levels, consulting an ayurvedic practitioner for high blood urea nitrogen treatment is a prudent approach of treatment, as it has no side-effects, and the treatment is completely natural.

Diagnosis of Blood Urea

The doctor may ask you for the following test to diagnose high blood urea including -

  • Blood Tests - Urea level can be evaluated through blood tests which is a part of a comprehensive metabolic panel.
  • Urinalysis - Evaluating urine aids to consider kidney function and the excretion of urea.
  • Imaging Tests - Ultrasound or other imaging tests may be performed to check kidney structure and function.

Complications of High Blood Urea level

High blood urea comes with its own sets of challenges. An individual may likely to face below mentioned complications which are as follows -

  • Kidney Damage - The increased blood level for a prolonged period can damage your kidneys.
  • Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalance - Urea imbalance may disrupt the fluid and electrolyte balance in the body.

Get blood urea increased treatment immediately after being diagnosed. If left untreated, it may invite other complications.

Prevention of Blood Urea

You can prevent the high blood urea with the following process involving -

  • Hydration - An adequate fluid intake helps kidney functioning and aids in preventing the urea concentration. Diuretics
  • Balanced Diet - Maintaining a balanced diet with a moderate protein intake prevents excess urea production.

Identifying and addressing the underlying cause is the first step in treating high blood urea. It may include managing diabetes or hypertension,or addressing dehydration. By working in close collaboration with the ayurveda experts aid in reducing the risk of complications linked with high levels of urea in the bloodstream.

High Blood Urea Treatment in Ayurveda

An Ayurvedic high blood urea treatment with some natural herbs, and ayurveda medicine to reduce urea in blood, high creatinine issue, causing no side-effects. Ayurveda emphasises on diet and lifestyle to treat high blood urea treatment.

Herbs & formulations

Ayurvedic herbs with diuretic and nephroprotective properties including Punarnava, and Gokshura may be recommended. Ayurveda medical treatment effectively fights the disease like Kidney failure, stones, and Kidney damage. Diuretics may be prescribed as the best medicine for blood urea to increase the urine output and reduce fluid retention. Consult an Ayurvedic practitioner who will assist you with effective Ayurvedic medicine to reduce blood urea.

Dietary Guidelines

Following a diet that supports kidney health, including hydration and moderation in protein intake reduces the high creatinine issue. The intake of carrot and potatoes helps to alkalize urine and reduces the effects of high blood urea level. Cinnamon, lemon, red bell pepper, turmeric, and other healthy foods can also lower the BUN.


Ayurveda’s therapeutic interventions including the use of detoxification therapy such as Basti (enema) and Abhyanga (oil massage), can help eliminate toxins and improve kidney function.


Ayurveda lifestyle for reducing blood urea is the best alternative that you can go with for a speedy recovery. You can make some minimal lifestyle & blood urea treatment home remedies like avoiding sugar, salt intake, raw meat, dairy products high in protein, and living a sedentary lifestyle.

The patient should follow a regular workout regime, and health checkup to review cholesterol, and sugar level, and manage high urea creatinine treatment.

Why is Ayurveda being preferred?

Why is Ayurveda being preferred?Ayurvedic treatments were in practice before the existence of modern science and technology. However, today’s medical treatments are just the evolved version of Ayurvedic science that is in practice. Modern medication however, gives instant relief but is short term through chemical drugs which disguised as a slow poison if taken to a great extent. While Ayurveda is an accurate blend of pure and natural herbs with no side-effects.

Ayurvedic intervention is necessary to restore the blood urea levels in the body. Our medication is effective in restoring blood urea levels, and the level usually drops after taking the medication. If searching for a reliable place to procure the quality care and treatment, Karma Ayurveda is the place to go as you can acquire personalised assistance after a thorough diagnosis of the disease. Based upon your health history, current symptoms, and lifestyle, they provide you a comprehensive treatment plan.



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