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Karma Ayurveda, one of the most prominent multi-specialty Ayurvedic hospitals in India, was established in 1937. Since then, it has successfully treated thousands of patients via its unique Ayurvedic treatment methods. As a leading Ayurvedic hospital, our primary aim is to treat patients through Ayurvedic methods and integrate those methods with modern medical science to promote holistic healing. Under the guidance of Dr. Puneet Dhawan Ayurvedic expert, representing the fifth generation of the Dhawan family, Karma Ayurveda has treated patients from all over the world and has helped those patients lead healthy lives. By offering economical yet effective alternatives to intense and invasive medical procedures, Karma Ayurveda has become the name to trust when it comes to providing affordable and effective Ayurvedic treatment for your ailments and you can also check Dr. Puneet Dhawan Reviews. Having been awarded the Best Ayurveda Doctor in India at IFA, Dr. Puneet Dhawan has set the benchmark for all Ayurvedic institutions by focusing on quality care and adhering to the standards set by the respective official organizations. Our mission is to improve people's quality of life and help them find relief from their health problems.

However, over the past few years, it has come to our notice that a few people have been spreading misinformation regarding Karma Ayurveda treatment. Though, it does not bother us much, posting negative Karma Ayurveda reviews for some personal gains shows the entire Ayurveda treatment therapy in a negative light. We sincerely hope that such malpractices end soon.


Our Ayurvedic herbal medicines and wellness centers are approved by FDA and NABH which speaks volumes about our credibility. Ayurvedic formulas are developed in our in-house laboratories and tested by our Ayurvedic expert for their efficacy and safety. Our experts keep themselves abreast with the latest trends in medical science and Ayurveda. We always focus on deep research backed by data and experimentation to create authentic, safe, and effective solutions for your ailments. We boast of a stellar record in treating diseases through ayurvedic methods like Virechanam, Vamanana, Panchakarma, etc.

We provide trustworthy services for a variety of diseases and aim to make your treatment journey a smooth affair. If you want a reliable, affordable and comprehensive ayurvedic treatment for your ailments, do not just go by positive Karma Ayurveda Google reviews. Visit the hospital and see the difference yourself. Our goal is not just limited to providing an ayurvedic treatment for your diseases, but of carrying forward the rich legacy of Ayurveda.

Karma Ayurveda Patient Reviews

Mr. Prince Kumar

I took many kidney treatments for my acute kidney failure but after some relief, the conditions always recurred in one form or another. After being disappointed everywhere, I chose to change the treatment. I came to know about Ayurveda through the internet and found some Karma Ayurveda Reviews that highlight their holistic approach towards wellness. Many people, like me, had questions about whether it was a scam or a fraud, but there were many positive reviews. When I went there, I contacted kidney specialist Dr. Puneet Dhawan and got treatment. My whole perspective on the negative reviews I read changed. It was a healthy and good experience and I am doing much better now.

Mrs. Anju Kumari

My mother was suffering from polycystic kidney disease and had tried every Hospital in the City but no effective results were visible. I started looking for alternatives and a friend advised me to try Ayurveda, After reading Karma Ayurveda reviews, I decided to learn more about their patient testimonials. Many kidney patients have gotten treatment from here, in which some got treatment and some had many complaints, which are visible on Google. Some people were of the opinion that this is fraud but this is all wrong. My mother got treated with Ayurvedic treatment here, a year ago and now she is healthy and completely fine.

Mr. Garg

Karma Ayurveda Ayurvedic treatment is not fake or fraudulent. The Karma Ayurveda patient reviews I found online were positive, but I also read and saw many negative reviews of kidney patients on Google as well, once I took Ayurvedic treatment here, all my curiosities were solved. I used to have nephrotic syndrome and my glomerular filtration rate was less than 60 mL/min/1.73 m2. To deal with this, I adopted his herbal remedies, took ayurvedic medicines on time, and followed every guideline given by the doctors. I am very happy with Karma Ayurveda’s treatment and my disease symptoms have reduced to a great extent.

Miss. Anita Rawat

I used to be very depressed with my kidney failure condition. Dialysis was also not helping my condition. When I first searched online about Ayurveda, Karma Ayurveda Reviews caught my attention with its account of one patient's journey to better health. When I visited them, I was very nervous because there were many negative reviews from kidney patients there. No complaint was fair compared to the authentic treatment received here. The medicines prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctors were very effective but they work a little slowly. I wholeheartedly followed the kidney diet chart prescribed by an Ayurvedic kidney specialist and my kidney health has improved. I haven't felt weak and tired like I used to before treatment.

Mr. Vikas

My name is Vikas and I got my kidney treated from Karma Ayurveda. I was treated under the supervision of Dr. Puneet Dhawan. I was experiencing very terrible symptoms and complications of kidney disease. I heard about Karma Ayurveda from YouTube and earlier I was only into Western medicine but they were not giving me any relief. Then one of my friends suggested consulting Dr. Puneet Dhawan and I was really confused wondering whether it was a fake or a fraud. But still, Karma Ayurveda patient reviews strengthened my confidence in their expertise in holistic treatment. I came here and got treated and the results were very good.

Mrs. Shashwati

It is really unpleasant to have to purify all your blood with a surgical procedure two or three times a week. Because my creatinine level was not normalizing, my allopathic doctor recommended this procedure called dialysis to save my life. According to the doctor, my kidneys were not functioning properly and I was also experiencing other problems like weakness, swelling, and difficulty in walking. After reading various Karma Ayurveda reviews, I was struck by their consistent approach to wellness. That's when I decided to try Karma Ayurveda for the treatment of this chronic condition and consulted Dr. Dhawan. Initially, I was confused by the complaints and negative reviews. Only after 28 days of medicine, I start feeling better and the difficulties started reducing.

Mr. Anand

In the early stages of chronic kidney disease patients like me are unable to identify the symptoms. My creatinine and uric acid levels had increased, causing nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and other symptoms in my body. To solve this problem, my spouse and I visited Karma Ayurveda for Ayurvedic treatment, but before making a decision, I always make sure to read Karma Ayurveda reviews to know the experiences of other people with similar health concerns. Dr Puneet Dhawan recommended lifestyle and various dietary changes as well as various Ayurvedic herbal remedies that were bitter to eat. But I followed proper treatment. The condition started improving within 10 to 15 days of continuing the medicines. There are many negative reviews from kidney patients but shouldn't pay any attention to them. The treatment was really beneficial.

Mr. Dilip Kumar

I visited Karma Ayurveda about 2 months ago for my kidney disease with increased creatinine. The vomiting, swelling, dizziness, nausea, and loss of appetite prompted me to get a complete checkup of my body. Then I came to know that my kidneys were not functioning properly. I always believe in Ayurveda and I found reassurance in the countless Karma Ayurveda reviews that highlight the positive effects of their treatments on a variety of health issues, hence I thought of contacting Dr. Puneet Dhawan. Many people thought it was fraud or scam, and there were also a lot of complaints but I thought to try. To increase kidney function, Dr. Puneet Dhawan uses Ayurvedic herbs instead of allopathic medicines. His Ayurvedic treatment shows that chronic kidney disease does not always require dialysis or transplant to stay healthy.

Mr. Ashish Raj

Dr. Puneet Dhawan is another name who is famous for giving Ayurvedic treatment for kidney disorders. I had never visited Delhi before, but my nephew, who lives in Delhi, suggested to visit Karma Ayurveda for treatment. I had many doubts about whether it was real or fake or, upon researching, I came across numerous Karma Ayurveda reviews, each narrating a unique journey towards restored health and there are also complaints and negative reviews. I had no option but to listen to him and take advice from Dr. Dhawan. I consulted him and he listened about my condition and advised me to get a creatinine test done as he had an in-house lab. I did the same and found that my creatinine level at that time was around 6.3. His Ayurvedic medicines were effective for me and my health started improving.

Mr. Pankaj Sharma

My wife's name is Rajni Sharma. She has suffered from Nephrotic Syndrome for the last 3 years. Before visiting Karma Ayurveda for treatment we consulted many allopathic doctors but we were dissatisfied with the results. According to doctors, due to protein deficiency, she became weaker day by day. Her difficulties were food tolerance, dizziness, nausea, and mental stress. It was tiring to watch her health deteriorate. When we were thinking about Ayurveda I was skeptical at first, but I was surprised by the authenticity and honesty evident found about Karma Ayurveda Reviews. Then, one day, Ads of Karma Ayurveda came on my YouTube profiles and Instagram. Dr. Puneet Dhawan listened to our condition patiently and convinced us to try Ayurvedic treatment. After 2 or 3 weeks of treatment, she was better than ever and it was the best decision we have made to date.


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