Ayurvedic Kidney Failure Treatment In Teenager, Causes, Symptoms, And Medicine

As per National Kidney Function, earlier only middle and old age people were suffering from kidney problems. But, due to change in the lifestyle, more and more children and teenagers are getting prone to this disease.

Dec 20 , 2023

How Long Can A Person Live With Kidney Failure? Ayurvedic Treatment and Medication

Kidney failure can occur due to many reasons. In this condition, the kidneys get injured and lead to a gradual stop in the functioning of the kidneys. The disease results in loss of kidney functions and this can lead to building up of waste in the body.

Dec 20 , 2023

Why Kidneys Fail? Ayurvedic Kidney Failure Treatment, Causes, Symptoms

Kidneys are the drainage system of our body. Their main function is to filter the waste and maintain the balance of metabolic waste in the body. According, to National Kidney Foundation, the number of people suffering from kidney disease is increasing.

Dec 20 , 2023

Kidney failure treatment In Ayurveda, Signs, Symptoms And Diet Plan

If you have been diagnosed with the condition of kidney failure, it is better to take a quick treatment before the condition worsens. Kidney failure is the condition in which the kidneys only work partially and is no longer able to filter the water and blood in the body.

Dec 21 , 2023

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