How Can We Stop Kidney Dialysis?

Kidney problems are becoming very common among diabetic and high blood-sugar level patients. These diseases mostly prevail in old and middle age. Kidneys play an important role in the filter of waste products and extra fluid from the body.

Dec 20 , 2023

How Long Can You Live Without Dialysis With Kidney Failure?

According to National Kidney Foundation, kidney problems are increasing among middle and old age people. People in this age group who are suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure are more prone to kidney problems.

Dec 20 , 2023

Cure Kidney Disease Naturally without Dialysis

There is a sudden increase in the rise of cases of kidney failures in old and even young people. The functions of the kidney can be impaired due to reasons like infections, tumors, kidney stone formation, circulatory disorders and much more.

Dec 21 , 2023

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