Those who are looking for a natural way to improve the health of the kidney, Ayurveda is the best solution. Ayurveda is a 5000-year old medical science full of empathetic herbs that helps cure a number of chronic diseases from the body. According to Ayurveda any disease in the body occurs due to the imbalance in the doshas of the body that govern our inner and outer environment. These doshas include Vatta (Wind), Pitta(Fire), and Kapha(Earth). The ayurvedic medicines work on improving the nature of these doshas so that the disease can be abolished completely. Kidney disease is one such condition that can be improved with the help of ayurvedic medicines and dietary plans. The chronic diseases can largely affect the normal living of the patient and therefore it is important to treat them at the earliest. Karma Ayurveda is one such renowned institution that offers herbal medicines made from the sacred herbs in nature. The herbs are a gift of nature to the mankind and Doctor Puneet Dhawan is bringing therapeutical values of those herbs in everyday life. Until now, 35000+ patients have been saved with herbal medicines offered by this kidney care unit. Here is a story of one such patient who got relief from kidney disease. Mrs. Shahida Praveen who belongs to Moradabad, UP was suffering from shrinkage of the kidney. Her creatinine and BUN level reached to 4.8 mg/dL and 103 mg/dL when she was having kidney treatment from her hometown. The doctors during the treatment suggested Mrs. Shahida to take dialysis for improving the function of the kidney. During her treatment, they got the address to Karma Ayurveda, an ayurvedic kidney care institution in Delhi. Mrs. Shahida along with her brother approached to Doctor Puneet Dhawan after then and opted for ayurvedic kidney treatment. She followed every dietary modification that Doctor Puneet Dhawan suggested her and guess what? Her creatinine got reduced from 4.8 to 0.8 mg/dL in one month only. This is no less than a miracle for any kidney patient to have their creatinine reduced in such a short span. The symptoms and abdominal pain she used to feel a month before got vanished with ayurvedic treatment only. Hence proved, ayurvedic treatment is capable of curing diseases that allopathic cannot. Karma Ayurveda has reciprocated the actual meaning of impossible. If you or anyone in your family needs ayurvedic Kidney treatment to prevent kidney disease from getting chronic then connect with Doctor Puneet Dhawan, a kidney specialist!

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