Creatinine was 7.8 and now is 5.5

Mr. Naresh Thingal from the tulakhati district, Assam was confronting several health issues related to the kidney but was not getting a permanent solution for the same. Let’s find out how Dr.Puneet Dhawan healed him by bringing the guidelines of Ayurveda in the treatment. Kidney-related illness is found to be very common in a person with diabetes, and high blood pressure which is one of the reasons behind the increasing demand for ayurvedic medicine for kidney-related problems. Individuals with kidney disease stopped dialysis in the middle and prefer to take ayurvedic kidney treatment by Dr. Puneet Dhawan. The people who are facing the complications associated with the kidney such as swelling in feet or face, nausea, sleep problem, poor appetite, high blood pressure, diabetes, proteinuria, and high creatinine are taking permanent ayurvedic kidney treatment from Doctor Puneet Dhawan, an ayurvedic kidney specialist. Karma Ayurveda kidney treatment in Assam is famous that is the reason why Mr. Naresh Thingal a kidney patient contact Dr. Puneet Dhawan. Mr. Naresh thingal is from the tulakhati district, Assam which is 300 kilometers far away from Khawati. He was experiencing a kidney-related problem and its complications. When he visits in Karma Ayurveda, his creatinine was 7.8 and his blood sugar level is very high. When he was suffering from the complications of kidney failure such as swelling in feet or face, weakness, trouble in the walk, and poor appetite an allopathic physician even dictated him to take dialysis or a kidney transplant but he prefers to take ayurvedic treatment when he noticed Dr. Puneet Dhawan video on YouTube about ayurvedic kidney disease treatment. He begins taking ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Dhawan, and now he is completely healthy and able to finish his day-to-day activity including his occupation. He said” The people with kidney problem should contact Dr.Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda to prevent the conditions related to the kidney illness and get assistance from this disease. After taking ayurvedic kidney treatment from Dr. Dhawan, I am leaving my days pleasantly, and I feel released from kidney problem.” Ayurvedic kidney treatment not only heals the disease but, also provide you with a healthy diet so you can stay healthy always. Dr. Puneet Dhawan who is the co-founder of Karma Ayurveda has successfully treated more than 35000 kidney patients who nearly lost their hope to live a healthy life. Karma Ayurveda is from since 1947 dialysis kidney related issues, cure high creatinine and increase the level of eGFR by using natural herbs. Dr. Puneet Dhawan uses natural or home-made medicines which separated from metals, steroids, and manufactured mixes. These components diminish the creatinine and urea level without any horrific consequences. Karma Ayurveda serves in a way through which a kidney patient does not require to go for any so-called treatment or procedure. Being the first Ayurvedic kidney care organization Karma Ayurveda acknowledges managing all insignificant or valid kidney dilemma using natural methods.

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