Kidneys and their problems are very common these days. 6 from 10 people, especially those who have diabetes or hypertension are suffering from kidney diseases. Like COVID 19 pandemic, kidney-related problems are also in trend.  Lack of knowledge and treatment are the main reasons behind COVID 19 pandemic and kidney diseases. If we talk about kidneys, then people are not aware of the causes of renal diseases. Numerous people do not know that they are suffering from a kidney problem. It is because the symptoms of kidney problems do not occur in the initial stages. In the previous blog post, we have mentioned what causes your kidneys to fail, and how is kidney disease treatment.  What can cause low kidney function

Now, we inform you about how to know that the kidneys are not functioning? 

The job roles of the kidneys are to purify your blood by eliminating waste with the urine. They are also responsible for the production of hormones to form red blood cells. And, to keep your high blood pressure in control. Along with that, the renal system is the imperative organ of the human anatomy that maintains the level of fluid, or electrolytes in your body. But, when the job roles of the kidneys get obstructed, then you notice the following health problems in the body. 
  1. High blood pressure or hypertension because kidneys stop producing a hormone that helps to keep blood pressure in control. 
  2. Dry or itchy skin due to high creatinine levels
  3. Swelling in the legs, hands, or face due to high protein in the blood. 
  4. Puffiness around the eyes because of elevated levels of protein and creatinine in the blood. 
  5. Heaviness and pain in the stomach, abdomen, and lower back due to the accumulation of waste in the body. That is the work of your kidneys to eliminate from the body. 
  6. Weakness, tiredness, and shortage of breath are the signs that your kidneys are not working well. 
  7. Frequent or sometimes less urination, protein in the urine, blood in the urine, repeated urinary tract infection, or difficulty in passing urine. All these are the side effects of kidney malfunction. 
  8. Dizziness, vomiting, lack of concentration, anxiety, poor appetite, dry throat, or high uric acid. 
vitamins can improve kidney functions

Kidney Function Test & Ayurvedic Treatment

Having four or more than that of these symptoms means you need to opt for kidney disease treatment. There are two treatments that you can take to treat your renal system. The one is Allopathy and the other one is Ayurveda. Allopathy is for those who only want to suppress the side effects of kidney malfunction. And, Ayurveda is for those people who want to revive their renal system.  

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