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It is not less than a miracle to get a successful kidney transplant. It is a risky procedure that only a few survives. Even the world's best nephrology hospital denies the confirmation or guarantee of a successful kidney transplant. However, those who survive have to go through intensive care, at least for the next couple of months. The recovery rate has always shown fluctuations, and so we cannot state even the hypothetical graphs. Belonging to the Ayurvedic platform, we have observed patients coming to us discussing the painful situations they have had during simulated methods: dialysis and kidney transplant.

 Kidney transplant and Ayurveda treatment

The world's best nephrology hospital, Karma Ayurveda suggests a few minute changes in the diet and lifestyle after the kidney transplant for a quick recovery. The inner body remains weak and sensitive, even if the body looks fine on the outside. Many kidney disease survivors have a delicate condition and need to restrict bodily movements. The Ayurvedic kidney specialists ask to restrict the movements such as:

Restrictions on traveling

It is a common urge among people who have recovered from the diseases that they won't fill their void of traveling. However, it is one of the primary cares that any doctor would suggest to restrict traveling for up to six weeks from recovery.

Restrictions in conceiving

A kidney transplant in women is already a significant change that makes the body so weak to conceive or get even pregnant. Although the gynecologists say that the chances of conceiving after transplant are difficult for two years if, by chance, she conceives, it will be a complicated pregnancy. A body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy, and these two conditions at once can be life-risking.

Restrictions in sex life

It is another disappointing yet beneficial restriction to bring permanent solutions for healthy kidneys. A body after the kidney transplant requires a minimum period of four weeks to continue with active sexual life.

Restrictions in dietary habits

The world's best dr puneet dhawan kidney specialist team suggests that the swift recovery is only possible by following all the restricted guidelines provided above and dietary & lifestyle changes. They will be providing you with unique diet charts and herbal recommendations for the survivor's benefit only.

Going back to work

It is one thing that doesn't come in the doctors' priority list seeking for the recovery. Any urologist, nephrologist, and Ayurvedacharya like Dr. Puneet Dhawan would suggest you prohibit yourself from joining your official desk. Many people have shifted their focus from natural care to so-called allopathic cure in the wake of allopathic treatment. It is not only bringing more complications in the bodies but other illegal activities too. A few years ago, the news outbreak about the kidney-trafficking was brought in the notice where both the donors and recipients have faced problems. If it would be Ayurveda, then there wouldn’t be any need for all such methods. Ayurveda is the elixir of chronic and acute illness that cannot be replaced by any simulated method.


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