Having kidney failure means your kidneys are not well enough for you to survive. Kidney failure is the last stage of kidney failure and is termed end-stage renal disease during which your kidneys lose more than 85% of their functionality. The condition can be life-threatening and you may need dialysis and transplant in order to stay alive. However, if you don’t want to go for dialysis, ayurvedic kidney failure treatment in Dhaulpur can be thought of as an alternative treatment in order to reverse the effects of kidney failure.

Common causes of kidney failure

Kidney failure is characterized by the occurrence of a health condition that can affect the filtering units of the kidney. When your kidneys are damaged, they may not work as they should and resultant fluids get buildup inside the blood vessels. The common yet prominent causes of kidney failure are:
  • High blood sugar level: Uncontrolled diabetes or type 2 disease can hurt the blood vessels inside the kidneys. Therefore, an apt level should be maintained so as to prevent diabetic kidney disease.
  • Nephrotic syndrome: a Nephrotic syndrome is a group of symptoms in which your body expels a high level of protein through the urine, a low level of protein in the blood and a high level of fat and cholesterol in the blood. The nephrotic syndrome can also be cured by taking ayurvedic kidney failure treatment in Dhaulpur.
  • Blood pressure: Hypertension is another cause that can affect your body including kidneys. When you have high blood pressure, the heart works hard to pump the blood. This condition can cause kidney disease and may be the complication of kidney failure.
  • Urinary tract problems: Urinary tract problems create an obstruction in the urine passageways thereby overloading the toxins build up inside the blood vessels. UTIs and other problems can become one of the factors of kidney failure if ignored.
  • Genetic diseases: Inherited disorders like polycystic kidney disease when left avoided or undiagnosed for a prolonged time can also affect the health of your kidney. During PKD, a growth called cysts gets developed inside the kidney which severely increases the chance of kidney failure and hence should be cured with kidney failure treatment in Dhaulpur.

Curing the underlying causes of kidney failure with ayurvedic treatment

Ayurvedic kidney treatment is really helpful when it comes to restoring and maintaining the health of your kidney. Herbs like Punarnava, Kaasni, Varuna, and Shirish help facilitate urine flow so that your body remains toxins free. They also keep the urinary tract membrane cool and prevent bladder and kidney from getting damaged. The ayurvedic treatment for Kidney Failure can assist you with any kidney issues be it CKD, PKD, and AKD or even kidney failure.

All about Karma Ayurveda

Since 1937, Karma Ayurveda is committed to improving the health of kidney patients with its ayurvedic kidney failure treatment in Dhaulpur Until now, more than 35000 patients have been saved with ayurvedic herbs from nature and the number is continuously increasing. Karma Ayurveda has blended the ayurvedic science of healing with modern day processing free from metal extrusion and fabricated the result in the form of ayurvedic medicines. So, if you want to improve or restore the health of your kidney and live a better life, then approach to Karma Ayurveda!


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