We all are familiar with the term kidney and its importance in our life. But, still, how many of us take care of our kidneys? Some of us are not aware of the problems due to which our kidneys can die or fail together. And, numerous people do not know that they have kidney disease. It is because kidney diseases are known as silent killers who do not show any symptoms in the initial stages.  In this blog post, we have mentioned some common causes of kidney failure. In case, if you or someone in your family, friends, neighbor, or office is battling kidney failure, then consult Karma Ayurveda. Here, an amiable Dr. Puneet Dhawan is working diligently to cure kidney patients without dialysis. He has healed lacs of patients by using his knowledge in Ayurvedic medical science. Yes, we know that Ayurveda is a convoluted process and it is not easy to follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle. But, it is the only treatment that is potent enough to terminate a kidney disease. And, rejuvenate the failed kidney. Outside of that, there are no serious side effects of consuming Ayurvedic medications.  For your convenience, you can click on this link to know how to increase the GFR level with Ayurveda - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBmPr3fH6gw Kidney-Failure-Treatment-In-Ayurveda

Moving on and read about the causes that can fail your kidney 

  1. High blood pressure is the leading cause due to which lots of people are suffering from kidney failure or disease.
  2. Diabetes is the second leading cause that can fail your renal system.
  3. Heart and kidneys are correlated with each other. Heart disease can influence your kidneys’ health. In a nutshell, heart disease can fail your kidney. 
  4. BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) is a problem in males that obstructed urine flow. And, it is also responsible for the problem of kidney failure. 
  5. Chronic kidney disease, proteinuria, polycystic kidney disease, and nephrotic syndrome can become the reason of your kidney failure. If you are suffering from any one of them, then take a treatment that works to give complete kidney disease remission. 
  6. Your unhealthy diet and lifestyle can be the reason behind your failed kidney. 
  7. Over-consumption of painkillers can fail your renal system. 
  8. Increased consumption of supplements contains protein or creatine can put pressure on your kidneys to work more than they usually do. 
  9. Obesity or thyroid is also enough to fail the kidneys. 
  10. Vigorous exercise is a cause of kidney failure
That is it. These are the 10 health problems and conditions that are potent enough to fail your renal system (kidneys). 

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