Declined kidney function is prompted by multiple factors and not a single one. These factors slowly put the kidneys at the risk and do not allow them to function normally. Resultant, kidneys do not perform well and the waste starts to accumulate within. It is a devastating situation to have your kidney function failed because the other organs of the kidneys are somewhat dependent on the kidneys for their job. For instance, the heart needs to have a continuous supply of toxin-free blood for pumping oxygen in and out. When the blood is not pure or cleaned as needed, even your heart is at the risk. So, preserving the well-being of the kidney is important. The first thing you can do to prevent kidney disease is to look for the conditions that can agitate low kidney functions and manage them.

These conditions may appear to be

High blood pressure: High blood pressure is one of the prominent risk factors that can dwindle the function of the kidneys and put you at the risk. High blood pressure weakens or damages the blood vessels that flow around the kidneys. This means the flow of the blood will be obstructed resulting in declined kidney function. Diabetes: High blood sugar level is another leading cause of kidney disease. Alleviated levels of blood sugar impact the blood circulation within the glomerulus and nephrons. Changes in the kidney function can be witnessed within 2 to 5 years of diagnosis of uncontrolled diabetes and within 10 years, 30-40% of people develop late-stage kidney disease. Glomerulonephritis: The third leading cause of kidney disease is a glomerular disease. Glomeruli are the small filters within the kidneys where blood filtration is carried out. The glomerular disease damages the filters so that the kidneys are not able to remove toxins out. Polycystic kidney disease: PKD refers to the growth of openings on the kidneys that get filled with blood often. These growths increase the size of the kidneys in return and do not allow them to function like they were before. It is a genetic disorder for which there is an ayurvedic treatment available. function-of-kidney

Other medical conditions that can result in kidney dysfunctionality

  • Autoimmune disease
  • Some types of cancers
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Loss of blood flow to the kidneys
  • Narrowing of the blood vessels in or around the kidneys
  • Obstructed urine flow
  • Severe injury
  • Any allergic reactions
  • Dehydration
Too much reliance on over the counter medications

What preventive measures you should take to manage the risk of kidney disease?

We cannot do anything about kidney disease treatment naturally, but taking some preventive measures will help reduce the risk of kidney disease in us. Our kidneys have a larger capacity to restore any damage to them and function until they fail. These measures may include:
  • Hydrating oneselves well
  • Not consuming liquor and cigarette
  • Eating a fresh diet especially healthy fruits and vegetables
  • Using less salt in our diet
  • Limiting the consumption of street foods
  • Adopting ayurvedic remedies for chronic problems
  • Practicing a sedentary lifestyle
  • Bringing yoga into action
Of chance, you have any ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease and looking for ways to curb it out, ask experts at Karma Ayurveda.

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