Kidney disease refers to the condition of the kidneys in which they become unable to filter the blood. Hardly in the early stages, individuals get to know about the failing of the kidneys as the symptoms are subtle to notice. This is why most patients are not able to detect that their kidneys are damaged and so abscond from the treatment approach. Early detection is the key to early diagnosis and early treatment. Even if you cannot figure out about your kidney disease, you still should have an idea about the signs. These may include: Fatigue: Healthy kidneys help the body by producing hormones called erythropoietin. So, in the event of damage, there is less EPO production which means fewer RBC. Anemia: This low RBCs produce can result in anemia when the body’s Hb level drops.  Anemia is very prevalent in CKD patients because of two reasons; one is low RBC count and another is malnutrition. Cold: Anemia due to CKD may result in a drop in the body’s own temperature. A CKD patient feels cold even when others are not. Panting: The waste buildup across the linings of the lungs can make it hard for the oxygen to travel in and out. Anemia is another reason why a kidney patient feels low oxygen in the body and face severe panting even when walking a little. Dizziness: As you become weak because of various underlying factors, you feel dizziness. Swelling in the body: When the kidneys fail, the body’s fluid balance becomes imbalanced and so the tissues start to retain more water. This gives rise to swelling in the feet, hands, ankles, face, and cause puffy eyes. Loss of appetite: In the late stages of CKD, a person may not each month and lose interest in the food as more and more waste gets accumulated in the blood. Stomach issues: Stomach issues also appear because of liver dysfunctionality. Foamy or bubbly urine: The presence of albumin makes the urine to have a frothy appearance. Muscle cramps: Muscle cramps because of improper blood flow and waste build up in the blood are also common in kidney patients. Pain in the side of flanks or back pain: The pain ramps up in the area around the kidneys, such as back and around the flank. So, these were some of the kidneys disease symptoms you should not miss. Having changes in urination should be followed by a kidney function test and consult Karma Ayurveda if you need so.

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