Kidneys are a pair of twin organs that are responsible for filtering the nitrogenous waste from the body. Kidneys cleanse the blood and send it back to the body. Renal failure is one of the forms of kidney disease. In such a condition, the kidneys lose the ability to filter the waste from the body. The most common types of renal failure are:-

  • Acute Pre-Renal Kidney Failure is a condition in which there is insufficient blood flow to the kidneys. This condition makes it difficult for the kidneys to filter the toxins without enough blood flow.

  • Chronic Pre-Renal Kidney Failure is a condition in which there is a lower flow of blood for a time and this can result in the kidneys shrinking and losing the ability to function.

  • Chronic Post-Renal Kidney Failure is a condition in which there is a long-term blockage in the urinary tract that prevents urination. This situation causes pressure and eventually leads to kidney damage.

Causes and Symptoms of Renal Kidney Failure

There are many reasons that lead to renal failure in a person. Some of the most common causes are:-

  • A serious drop in blood flow to the kidneys. Heavy blood loss, an injury, or an infection called sepsis may reduce the blood flow to the kidneys. Dehydration or loss of kidney fluid can harm the kidneys.

  • One can also face damage from some medicines, poisons, or infections. There are many people that can suffer kidney problems when they are taking medicines for long-term health problems. Medicines like antibiotics, painkillers, blood pressure medicines, and dyes used in X-ray tests can harm the kidneys if taken for a long time.

  • Kidney Stones, tumors, some injuries, or an enlarged prostate gland can cause sudden blockage in the flow of urine

The most common symptoms of renal failure are:

  • A very small quantity of urine when you try to urinate

  • Swelling in legs, feet, and other body parts.

  • A feeling of nausea and vomiting

  • Not able to have enough sleep

  • Pain in the back and rib cage is known as flank pain

If one faces the above symptoms, they must get it diagnosed. One should do blood and urine tests to check the condition of the kidneys.

Can You Reverse Renal Failure?

By providing immediate treatment for renal failure can save any further damage. The physician first tries to treat the problem that is causing injury to the kidney. In allopathic treatment, one may have dialysis so that the waste stops building in the body. You may also have to take a long course of antibiotics to prevent any kind of infection.

Renal Failure Ayurvedic Treatment

The best treatment to go for any renal failure patient is Ayurvedic Treatment for Renal Failure. Ayurvedic treatment is 100% natural and uses herbs that can permanently cure the disease. Karma Ayurveda is one of the best clinics for Ayurveda. They have a team of experts who use natural and herbal techniques to cure the patient. It was established in 1937 and has been successfully treating kidney and liver patients for a long time.


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