Nephrotic syndrome is a kidney disorder that causes your body to pass a high amount of protein in the urine. A nephrotic syndrome caused by the damage kidneys that not healthy enough to filter wastes and excess water from the blood. This syndrome is as dangerous as chronic kidney disease and can cause kidney failure due to which many patients are taking nephrotic syndrome ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Puneet Dhawan. Let’s go further and discuss the symptoms, what happens if nephrotic syndrome not treated, and what are the benefits of taking nephrotic syndrome ayurvedic treatment.

What are the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome?

  • Weight gain Issue – When you lose a lot of your weight without a workout that means you are experiencing nephrotic syndrome a kidney disorder.
  • Feel Weakness – When you feel tired and lazy all the time that means you are suffering from nephrotic syndrome. Common causes of weakness can be fatigue, illness, anemia, and more.
  • Foamy or bubbly urine – When you find your urine foamy or bubbly that means the high amount of protein is leaking out in the urine. By nephrotic syndrome ayurvedic treatment, you can stop this disease and its side effects.
  • Less need to eat – Your stomach is not able to release wastes because your kidneys are not healthy enough to filter wastes due to nephrotic syndrome. A person who feels pain in his stomach but do not have the desire to eat food that means his kidneys are tolerating some issues which may cause him bad health.

What happens if nephrotic syndrome not treated?

  • High Blood Pressure – Nephrotic syndrome ayurvedic treatment is essential because it may give you aid from high blood pressure.
  • Heart Disease – High blood pressure can cause a heart attack and heart blockage. Then it is very crucial to take nephrotic syndrome ayurvedic treatment to stay safe from heart problems and high blood pressure.
  • Anemia – It is a condition when your blood needs enough healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin. If you have unusual red blood cells, and your hemoglobin is abnormal that, means the cells in your body are not getting oxygen.
  • Acute kidney injury or kidney failure – It is defined as an abrupt or rapid decline in renal filtration function because the kidneys are not healthy to fight against anything. With the help of nephrotic syndrome ayurvedic treatment, you can strengthen your kidneys and help them heal fast.

Benefits of Nephrotic Syndrome Ayurvedic Treatment-

Nephrotic syndrome ayurvedic medicine increases the functions of kidneys and prevents further damage. Below are the 4 herbs counseled by Karma Ayurveda for effective management of nephrotic syndrome –
  • Shatavari – This herb can reconstruct the natural functions of kidneys and reduce the risk of renal failure.
  • Trikatu – This herb can heal nephrotic syndrome as well as polycystic kidney disease. PKD is a typical ancestor of nephrotic syndrome, and Trikuta can stop the causes of PKD, nephrotic syndrome and diminishes the symptoms caused due to the kidney's dysfunctions.
  • Small Gokshuru – This herb can heal infections and inflammation in the kidneys and control the causes of kidney failure.
  • Punarnava – This herb can help in the proteinuria treatment natural by improving the functions of the infected kidneys and prevent the need for dialysis.
The patients who are worried about how to cure nephrotic syndrome treatment in Ayurveda and kidney failure naturally can prefer Karma Ayurveda. Their aim is to reduce the risk of kidney failure and the causes of nephrotic syndrome. Ayurveda medicine for nephrotic syndrome is very beneficial for reducing the danger of kidney failure. Ayurvedic Medicine For Nephrotic Syndrome Treatmentby Dr. Puneet Dhawan can help save your life and kidneys. There are almost more than 35000 kidney patients who get to know that Karma Ayurveda can stop the causes and heal kidney problems naturally.

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