Kidney disease is the inability of the kidneys to sieve waste and toxins out of the body. The body may have a dangerous level of toxins in the bloodstream when this condition starts to appear in the body. Dialysis and transplant are suggested to the patients to help removal of such waste but, it is also important to know that not everyone can survive dialysis and transplant either because they are too weak or the treatment is too expensive for the patients. Ayurveda is an old system of healing chronic kidney disease naturally without involving any surgery. The ayurvedic medicines are comprised of herbal extracts that are 100% organic and safe to be consumed by the patient. Further, the ayurvedic treatment leaves no side effects and is based on herbal medications, a renal diet, and yoga and meditation techniques to balances the Doshas in the body. According to Ayurveda, imbalances the Doshas of the body triggers chronic illness in the body. The kidney treatment by Doctor Puneet Dhawan works on reviving the damaged cells and tissues while working on the Doshas simultaneously.

Signs of kidney disease

In the initial stage of kidney disease, the signs of kidney damage do not become visible to the individuals because they are much similar to any other problem. However, the signs that appear are:
  • Dry and patchy skin
  • Muscle contractions
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Swelling in the body
  • Too much or too less urine
  • Severe panting
  • Continuous headache
  • Tiredness
  • Blood in the urine
Other symptoms that are seen in the patients:
  • Yellow skin
  • Bone pain
  • A confusing state of mind
  • Frequent hiccups
  • Excessive thirst
  • Smelly breath
  • Belly pain
  • Menstrual issues

Diagnosing kidney disease

Doctor Puneet Dhawan, a kidney specialist suggests a series of tests to know how well kidneys are filtering blood. The tests include:
  • Physical test: To know a family history of a kidney disease
  • Urine test: To examine a sample of urine to know the cause of kidney disease
  • Imaging test: To assess kidney for the presence of a cyst
  • Kidney biopsy: This is another test done by removing kidney tissue to determine the cause of a kidney problem
Complications of kidney disease Kidney disease involves toxin retention inside the bloodstream which causes various complications in the body. Some of the complications that may appear in the body with any kidney problem include:
  • High blood pressure: Increased blood pressure is the complication as well as a cause of kidney problems.
  • Gout: This disease is caused by excess retention of uric acid in the bloodstream.
  • Anemia: Kidney makes red blood cells for us and unhealthy kidneys cannot make enough of them for us.
  • Bone disease: For healthy bones, kidneys need Vitamin D and calcium and if you have CKD, kidneys cannot do this job of them.
  • Heart Disease: This is the most common cause of death among individuals taking dialysis.
  • Edema: Fluid retention due to damage to the filtering units causes swelling of the hands, feet, legs, and ankles.
  • High potassium: Unhealthy kidneys cannot filter extra potassium from the blood leading to hyperkalemia.
Ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease Ayurvedic treatment is one reliable way to cure the health of the damaged kidney and make it operational once again. As told earlier, the treatment involves herbal medication and a better renal diet plan to improve their functionality. The sacred herbs in nature help to rejuvenate the damaged cells of the organ where a disease has grown in the body. The additional fact to kidney treatment by Doctor Puneet Dhawan is that this treatment can be taken at any stage of kidney disease, even if the damage is too high, the treatment can reduce the need to have dialysis. Kidney treatment by Doctor Puneet Dhawan Since 1937, Karma Ayurveda has been serving society with its ayurvedic treatment for kidney-related problems.  Based in Delhi and led by Doctor Puneet Dhawan, this ayurvedic kidney acre unit has helped cured more than 35000 patients till date. If you or anyone in your family needs 100% safe ayurvedic treatment for improvement in your health, then consult us!

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