Mr. Jagannath belongs to Darbhanga, Bihar facing the danger of kidney disease. He was compelled for dialysis, an artificial blood filtration procedure. But, somehow he was convinced for Ayurvedic treatment, which later proved to be effective. Let's find out how? The kidney is an organ which provides us with a healthy body but, sometimes it drives us crazy by some dangerous problems such as protein or blood cells leak out from the urine, back pain, nausea, cysts in/on the kidneys, and in the end, kidney failure. The people with high diabetes (high blood sugar level) and high blood pressure are the patients of kidney disease because both of them are the main reason behind kidney problem. Individuals with kidney disease first take renal replacement therapy such as dialysis or kidney transplantation and after facing its side effects choose to take ayurvedic treatment for kidney Failure. There are many kidney patients who discontinue dialysis or a kidney transplant and start taking ayurvedic kidney disease treatment in Karma Ayurveda. Almost 35000+ kidney failure patients get aid after taking ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure and kidney disease from Doctor Puneet Dhawan kidney specialist.  He is the co-founder of Karma Ayurveda and known as one of the greatest nephrologists who stops the need for dialysis, cures high creatinine level with natural herbs, and increases eGFR by using natural ayurvedic medicines. Here is a patient who belongs to Darbhanga, Bihar come to Karma Ayurveda to get a permanent solution for his kidney problem – Mr. Jagannath belongs to Darbhanga, Bihar. He is suffering from kidney problems and its symptoms or causes such as vomiting or nausea, poor appetite, trouble in walking, and weakness. He was not able to consume a decent meal, and he didn't eat anything to 15-20 days. When he comes to Karma Ayurveda on 25th of 12, 2018 his creatinine level was 8.8, and Urea was 353 but, after using ayurvedic medicines prescribed by Dr. Puneet Dhawan at 21st of 2, 2019 his creatinine rates go down to 7.8, and his urea level reduced to 182.4. Mr. Jagannath didn't choose taking dialysis and stops using artificial allopathic medicine because ayurvedic treatment has helped him and healed the disease from its roots. He said "I am lucky to understand the power and knowledge of Ayurveda which almost saved my life and provide me with the option to stop dialysis. Now, I feel healthy enough to perform my day-to-day routine work including my job. Doctor Puneet Dhawan in Karma Ayurveda has helped me and encouraged me to live a healthy life again." Renal replacement therapy for kidney failure is not the only option which you can choose to heal kidney problem but, Karma Ayurveda kidney treatment works with natural herbs and provides you with a permanent solution for kidney-related problems. Anyone with kidney disease and its causes is looking for the treatment which prevents the disease from its roots then, contact Dr. Puneet Dhawan in Karma Ayurveda.

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