What Is Kidney Failure? Causes, Symptoms, Diet And Ayurvedic Treatment

Kidney problems are becoming very common among diabetic and high blood-sugar level patients. These diseases mostly prevail in middle age and senior citizens. There are thousands of deaths around the globe due to kidney disease. If kidney problems are not treated on time, they can be fatal for the health.

What Is Kidney Failure?

Kidneys are mainly responsible for the filter of waste from the water and blood. It also supports other functions like maintaining the sodium, phosphorous and protein level in the blood. If the kidneys stop working, it ultimately results in the failure of the kidneys. There are mainly two types of kidney failures:

  • Acute kidney failure is a condition which happens in an immediate time frame and can result in the complete shutdown of the kidneys.
  • Chronic kidney failure doesn’t result in complete failure, but the condition can keep on worsening without treatment.

According To Ayurveda what are the Causes & Symptoms of Kidney Failure

Ayurveda has a theory that any kind physical, mental and spiritual ailment can be cured by natural remedies. Any kind of disease in the body is caused by the blockage in its life channels also known as doshas. There are many causes of kidney failure but the most common of them are diabetes, high blood pressure or hypertension, hereditary problem, kidney stones, polycystic conditions and prostate disease. The people suffering from the above condition have most likely chances of getting kidney problems.

You can detect these diseases with some very common symptoms that a patient feels, mainly:-

  • Increase in the level of urea in the blood
  • Very frequent urge to urinate
  • Feeling tired and nausea
  • Change in the color and texture of urine
  • A loss of appetite
  • Rise in blood pressure due to high toxic waste in the body

If the above conditions prevail for long, one must get diagnosed and take an immediate treatment to resolve such a condition.  There is both allopathic and Ayurvedic treatment for the kidney problems. Unlike other medicinal practice, Ayurveda cures the disease of its core problem without any side effects.

Ayurvedic Kidney Failure Treatment & Diet

Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure is the ancient remedy and has cured many patients since a long time. 100% organic and natural techniques are used during this treatment. Karma Ayurveda is one of the well-established names in Ayurveda clinics. It is treating patients with kidney and liver problem since 1937. It has a specialized team of medical experts that mainly works in giving complete organic treatment to its patients.

Along with Ayurvedic treatment, one must also switch to a healthy lifestyle. There is a planned diet chart that kidney patients must follow. It mainly aims at cutting down high protein, sodium or phosphorus food. You must try to follow a vegetarian diet including vegetable stew and fruits as they are easier to filter by the kidneys. Whereas, red meat, dairy products, beans are high in protein and should be restricted or taken in limited quantity. Ayurveda has lots of side benefits but no side effects.


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