30 Apr 2018 Kidney failure has become common among people and is not detectable in the initial stage. The common reasons are diabetes and hypertension or high blood pressure among middle-aged people. There are other causes such as blood loss due to physical injury, kidney stones, cancer or tumors, glomerulonephritis, polycystic kidney disease, nephrotic syndrome and family history of the disease. “Karma Ayurveda Review, Feedback, Avoid Fake Kidney Treatment” Karma Ayurveda provides the Best Kidney Failure Treatment provided in Asia and all around the world. They provide the safest and authentic herbal treatment to cure kidney patients. They were established in 1937 and since then have been treated millions of patients in India and worldwide. The center is set up by Dhawan family and is currently run by Dr. Puneet Dhawan, an expert Ayurveda practitioner in Asia. He not only provides expert advice and recommends a specialized diet plan for his patients.

Video Description:

The patient name is Maan Singh from Rohini Delhi and he is a long-term chronic kidney disease patient. He was already suffering from diabetes from a long time which led to a kidney problem. Symptoms suffered by the patient

  • Increased urea and creatinine
  • High uric acid
  • Pain in abdomen “Karma Ayurveda Review, Feedback, Avoid Fake Kidney Treatment”
  • Problem in digestion
  • Creatinine- 3.16
  • Urea- 103
  • Uric acid- 7.10
  • Imbalanced electrolytes

After 2 month’s treatment: The improvement after taking initial Ayurvedic medicines is:

  • High improvement
  • Urea got balanced
  • Regain of appetite
  • Feeling fit
  • Creatinine- 2.17
  • Urea- 81
  • Uric acid- 5.60
  • All the electrolytes are in a normal range


The patient followed a proper routine which was given by Dr. Puneet Dhawan. The patient was able to recover after just 2 months of Ayurvedic treatment along with the diet chart provided by Karma Ayurveda. The centre is treating thousands of kidney patients every year. “Karma Ayurveda Review, Feedback, Avoid Fake Kidney Treatment”


Certificate no- AH-2023-0186

JAN 05,2023-JAN 04,2026

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