Patient’s name: Ratna Maharjan Kidney diseases are linked with many dangerous complications which sometimes turn out to be a threat to the overall health of the patient. As it is a common and a very impactful disease hence it is important for all to be aware of different aspects linked with it such as its causes, symptoms, risk factors and diagnosis. Besides this, it is also important for the kidney patients to know that which treatment will work as a permanent solution for this very impactful health disorder. Avoid Fake Fraud Complaints and feedback - Karma Ayurveda Review At Karma Ayurveda, kidney patients get guided about every single aspect linked with kidney disease. It is the only kidney care institution which is making the patients aware of the right diet and the risk associated with modern treatments such as dialysis, kidney transplant, and allopathic medications. It is the effectiveness of ayurvedic medicines and right guidance by which Karma Ayurveda is proving that kidney diseases can be cured naturally. Let’s know about a cured patient who gets free from all the complications after getting ayurvedic treatment from kidney disease.

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Ratna Maharjan (the patient) was suffering from chronic kidney disease and was finding a permanent treatment for it since long. The patient found that allopathic treatment was increasing the risk of dialysis for him. “Avoid Fake Fraud Complaints and feedback - Karma Ayurveda Review” He comes to take the ayurvedic kidney disease treatment from Karma Ayurveda and notices many positive changes in his overall health. All the parameters such as blood creatinine level, blood urea level, uric acid level, are found to come in range just because of the right medicines and diet plan offered by Dr. Puneet Dhawan. The blood creatinine level which was noticed to be 5.2 before gets reduced to 3.68 by the natural treatment provided by Karma Ayurveda. Like him, there are many kidney patients who say that ayurvedic kidney disease treatment had given them a new life. Avoid Fake Fraud Complaints and feedback - Karma Ayurveda Review

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