30 May 2018

The kidneys control the amount of fluid and various salts in the body and also help in controlling the blood pressure. They also help in releasing several important hormones for the body. Kidney disease occurs when the kidneys start to fail and stop performing the important functions needed by the body. In the early stages, the symptoms are not visible in the initial stages but only in the later stage. The changes in blood pressure and in the fluid balance of the body. The signs can show swelling, especially in the feet and ankles. “Karma Ayurveda Reviews and Complaints, Avoid Fake Kidney Treatment”

The progression of kidney disease, the kidneys can become less efficient and the patient can become sick. Kidney disease can be a very serious condition and Ayurvedic treatment can help in stopping its progress.

Karma Ayurveda has been providing his patients with world-class herbal treatment for kidney failure. His team of health counselors and dieticians helped in providing a kidney diet chart. “Karma Ayurveda Reviews and Complaints, Avoid Fake Kidney Treatment”

Video Description:

The patient name is Uma Shankar who is from Dhunpu. He was suffering from kidney problems for a long time. After the diagnostic reports, the doctors found out that he had kidney shrinkage problem or in a more medical term it was bilateral kidney shrinkage. “Karma Ayurveda Reviews and Complaints, Avoid Fake Kidney Treatment”

The results of the diagnostic reports were:

  • Creatinine- 2.12 approx
  • Uric acid and calcium were irregular
  • Uric acid- 7.60
  • Calcium- 8


  • Pain in the right side of the abdomen
  • The low output of urine
  • Pain in back
  • Bad smelling urine
  • High BP

After treatment:

The patient started taking Ayurvedic medicine course in Karma Ayurveda.

  • Urea and creatinine came to normal level
  • Size is normal
  • Physical fitness improved


Karma Ayurveda provided the best natural treatment to its patients along with a perfectly healthy diet chart which is fundamental in treating kidney diseases. Dr. Puneet Dhawan provided the guidelines to the p0061tient and his expert advice all along the treatment of the patient. “Karma Ayurveda Reviews and Complaints, Avoid Fake Kidney Treatment”


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