Mr. Danawana belongs to Karki Nagar Nepal 800 kilometers far away from Kathmandu he was suffering from the complications associated with the kidney disease and a high creatinine level. Find out how Ayurveda helps him to get relief from kidney disease and its complications. Kidney disease is a sort of progressive disease which develops day-by-day but, the ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease works on the root cause to provide you with a permanent solution for the disease. Yes, the ayurvedic treatment took a little time to expose the result but, on the other side, allopathic treatment never concentrates on the root cause of the illness. It never brings long-lasting therapy to the patient. There are more than 35000 kidney patients who get to know that Ayurveda works on herbal medications with well-customized diet orders that marked with the health counsels regular. The kidney patients who are taking ayurvedic kidney disease treatment in Karma Ayurveda are aware that Ayurveda helps the patients to heal the wound cells of the body in a permanent way.  That is why you may not find a permanent solution for kidney disease in allopathic but, ayurvedic kidney disease treatment has the strength to provide you with the permanent solution for kidney disease. There is no requirement for dialysis or a kidney transplant if you maintain your diet, maintain your protein intake, manage your high blood pressure, high sugar level, and avoid consuming coffee, or tea. These are some of the points Dr. Puneet Dhawan always prescribe kidney patients who work on to heal the disease from its roots. He not only uses natural herbs to cure a high creatinine level, and kidney disease but, also works on to prevent its causes. Mr. Danawana, who belongs to Karki Nagar Nepal 800 kilometers far away from Kathmandu, visits to Karma Ayurveda for getting ayurvedic kidney disease treatment from Dr. Puneet Dhawan. That time his creatinine was 7, and he was suffering from the complications associated with the kidney disease such as swellings in feet or ankles, poor appetite, tiredness, and weakness. In Nepal, his allopathic consultant advises him renal replacement therapy (dialysis) to get aid from kidney failure. But, he communicates Dr. Puneet Dhawan, and after consuming ayurvedic medicines and proper diet his creatinine comes down to 3.1 Ayurvedic treatment is an ancient science which Dr. Puneet Dhawan uses to cure a high creatinine and increase eGFR with natural herbs. Ayurvedic medication is hundred percent organic, natural and has no harmful outcomes involved in the treatment. That is why Mr. Danawana prefers to take ayurvedic treatment from Karma Ayurveda. Mr. Danawana reports without a doubt give you an idea about how ayurvedic treatment helps him to reduce the requirement to have dialysis and transplant when taken under the guidance of an ayurvedic expert. This is a solo report which has proved that ayurvedic treatment aids in eliminating the kidney disease from the body from top to bottom. Those who doubt that ayurvedic medicines are not trustworthy for kidney disease should make an effort and try an ayurvedic treatment to get relief from every problem related to the kidneys at least once.

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