Kidneys contribute to the major functioning of the body. They carry out the task of cleaning the blood while removing the impurities. The disabled kidney results in the accumulation of waste and toxins leading to various other health issues. Kidney disease is a commonly seen scenario among people. “Karma Ayurveda Patient Reviews and Feedback, Karma Ayurveda Complaints” About 17 % of patients are struggling with this problem. It has no age bar, any gender differences, no race issues etc. Medical science has found various solutions for kidney disease, lining from supplementation to dialysis & kidney transplant. Ayurveda offers a permanent treatment for the problem of kidney disease that has zero side effects on kidney patients.

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Karma Ayurveda is a prominent name in an ayurvedic sector that runs on the footprints of ayurvedic treatment techniques. The hospital works with the assistance of a highly proficient kidney specialist Dr. Puneet Dhawan. The center encounters innumerable kidney problem cases every day and provides 100% organic treatment for their cure. “Karma Ayurveda Patient Reviews and Feedback, Karma Ayurveda Complaints” A patient name Deepti Kataria from Faridabad suffered the problem of kidney failure. She faced various symptoms like reduced HB levels, extreme water retention causing swelling etc. She was put on regular sessions of dialysis. Her creatinine was 5.07mg/dl during dialysis. When she found no improvement in her health she switched to an ayurvedic treatment and took a course of 2 months from karma Ayurveda. The after-effects of the treatment were remarkable as her creatinine levels dropped to 3.40mg/dl and her health improved gradually. Karma Ayurveda has cured thousands of kidney failure patients on dialysis like her. Their natural mechanisms have filled hope in many kidney patients through its miraculous ayurvedic medicines. It is certainly the best kidney treatment hospital in India that offers a treatment with zero side effects. “Karma Ayurveda Patient Reviews and Feedback, Karma Ayurveda Complaints”

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