Creatinine level reduced from 15 to 3.90mg/dl

Mr. Rohit from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh was confronting kidney-related difficulties and almost lost the hope of having a healthy life. Learn how he got relieved from the disease by utilizing ayurvedic treatment in just 45 days. A kidney patient named Rohit from Ghaziabad; Uttar Pradesh came at Karma Ayurveda to meet Dr. Puneet Dhawan with the complaint of Kidney problem. His laboratory report showed that there was extensive damage to the kidney and his doctor told him to prepare for a kidney transplant. He showed his laboratory report to Dr. Puneet Dhawan and urged to know if ayurvedic treatment for kidney diseases could help him. He was not convinced that allopathic treatment could provide him with a lasting solution by using orthodox drugs. Dr. Puneet Dhawan helped save his life and provided him with ayurvedic medications including yoga stances and sound eating regimen. Ayurvedic treatment is one of the most influential treatments would be of great help. According to Dr. Dhawan, “Most diseases are caused by oxidative pressure and hence everyone should practice yoga and include healthy foods in their renal diet to sustain for long.” Dr. Puneet Dhawan cured Rohit who was under the dialysis protocol twice a week as his creatinine level was 15 mg/dL. In 45 days, after consuming Ayurvedic medications for kidney failure by Doctor Puneet Dhawan, the patient's health improved and his creatinine reduced to 3.90mg/dL without utilizing dialysis. The patient affirmed “I got relief from the complexities related to kidney damage such as food intolerance, weakness, nausea, and hypertension. Allopathic treatment only offered mental trauma but Dr. Puneet Dhawan helped alleviate that stress level.” Karma Ayurveda once again proved that Ayurvedic medications have the strength and ability to cured kidney-related problems without utilizing renal replacement therapy such as dialysis or a kidney transplant. Dr. Puneet Dhawan has successfully cured plenty of kidney patients who got tired of taking dialysis and almost lost the hope to live a disease-free healthy life. In case, if you or anybody in your family is suffering from kidney-related illnesses, then contact Dr.Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda and get ayurvedic medications to find relief from the disease.

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