Renal failure is the stage of health at which a person’s kidneys stop performing all its major functions. Sudden stoppage of kidneys, known as acute kidney failure while stoppage of kidneys due to some sudden causes, known as chronic kidney failure. At both the stages of kidney failure, a person needs to undergo immediate treatment. But here people make a big mistake by approaching artificial procedures such as dialysis and by getting allopathic treatment. If you had made the same mistake and want to get a natural solution for kidney-related disorders, then Karma Ayurveda is ready to help you out. There are many kidney patients knowing about whom you will get to know that how Karma Ayurveda is freeing kidney patients not only from kidney related disorders and but also from the dangerous procedures of kidney disease treatment. You can go through to know about one such kidney patient who was compelled to face the pain of dialysis being at the stage of kidney failure. The patient was undergoing dialysis thinking that this procedure will bring the level creatinine level in range and will cure the damaged kidneys, but nothing happens like this. At this stage, Dr. Puneet Dhawan helped the kidney patient by providing ayurvedic kidney failure treatment. The creatinine of the patient which was 3.2mg/dl before got reduced to 2.4mg/dl with the help of ayurvedic kidney treatment. Not only this, the blood urea level of the patient which was 101.7mg/dl before shows a tremendous reduction and got reduced to 71.8mg/dl. The patient was not able to walk and work on her own. Karma Ayurveda is working since 1937 to free the world from kidney disease and dialysis like procedures. This is the reason why Karma Ayurveda gets regarded as the best ayurvedic kidney care institution worldwide. If you still think that what makes kidney disease so effective then you need to know about major aspects of ayurvedic kidney treatment which are as follow:
  • Ayurvedic treatments help kidney patients to know the role of Yoga in kidney disease treatment.
  • Ayurveda never asks kidney patient to approach artificial or non-permanent procedures of kidney disease treatment such as dialysis.
  • Ayurveda serves kidney patients with an effective diet plan which include all necessary nutrients.
  • It guides kidney patients about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and eating habits.
Those who are approaching dialysis and kidney transplant like procedures are advised to approach ayurvedic kidney disease treatment which has a natural solution for many kidney related disorders. Those who are still thinking that why we are asking you to neglect such procedures, need to know the risk factors of dialysis which are as follow:
  • Often muscle cramps
  • Itching and dryness of skin
  • Low level of blood pressure
  • Not having enough red blood cells or anemia
  • High level of potassium in the blood
  • Sepsis
That is the reason why Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda advises every kidney patient to neglect dialysis-like procedure. So, if you or anyone around you is facing kidney related disorder and is finding a natural solution for the same, then you are advised to meet Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda today.

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