Karma Ayurveda Kidney Patient Review Name – Mr. Umesh Verma

Creatinine level reduced from 7 to 1.64mg/dL

Thousands of people are suffering from kidney illnesses but are not aware of it due to lack of knowledge. That is the reason why it is very important to go for a routine checkup every 3 months. The people who have health problems like high blood pressure or blood sugar level, and then they should consult a healthcare provider to know about their kidneys health. High blood pressure and diabetes are the two main causes of kidney diseases. In case, if you are suffering from a kidney-related problem, then head to Karma Ayurveda for kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda. Yes, Ayurvedic treatment is the method through which you can completely get relief from your sort of kidney disease and its complications. These days’ people again prefer Ayurvedic treatment, instead of Allopathy. Karma Ayurveda is a kidney care treatment center in Delhi, where more than 35000 kidney tolerant’ has been able to get relieved from their type of kidney illnesses. Here, Dr. Puneet Dhawan is diligently working to spread the art of Ayurvedic science, so every kidney tolerant can get a permanent solution and get relieved from the protocol of artificial treatments like dialysis or renal replacement. In this post, you will learn about an example of a kidney patient, who took Ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease from Dr. Puneet Dhawan. The patient, Mr. Umesh Verma from Banaras, U.P, was going through the illness and complications related to the kidney. When he visited Karma Ayurveda, his creatinine level was 7mg/dL, and he was facing health problems like weakness, high blood sugar level, high blood pressure, and swelling in the legs, back, and stomach. At that time, Mr. Umesh was taking Allopathic treatment from which he only receives disappointment, instead of good results. Meantime, Mr. Umesh got to know about Karma Ayurveda through YouTube, and then he connected Dr. Puneet Dhawan for Ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease. After consuming Ayurvedic medications and by following a renal diet plan, Mr. Umesh’s creatinine level reduced to 1.64mg/dL, and he also got relieved from the other complications related to kidney disease. Dr. Puneet Dhawan has proved that there is no need to opt for Allopathic treatment to terminate your sort of kidney illnesses. Ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease not only terminates the illnesses but also rejuvenate the damaged tissues, cells, and filters of the ill kidneys. Along with that, there are no noxious side effects of taking Ayurvedic medications because they are made of natural herbs. So, to stop kidney dialysis and to completely heal your kidney problems, contact Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda for Ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease.


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