Karma Ayurveda Kidney Patient Review Name – Mrs. Rekha Rani

Creatinine level reduced around 2.2 from 9mg/dL

High creatinine level is a symptom of kidney disease or kidney failure that happens when the kidney’s filters are not healthy enough to eliminate creatinine from the blood through the urine. Creatinine is an unnecessary material that builds up in the blood when the muscle functions. If your creatinine level is persistently going up it symbolizes your kidneys are not healthy or may be suffering from a disease or an infection. In that condition, you can opt for Ayurvedic treatment for high creatinine. Here is an instance of a kidney patient, who was suffering from the problem of high creatinine for that he took Ayurvedic treatment at Karma Ayurveda from Dr. Puneet Dhawan. The patient, Rekha Rani from Kolkata, was going through the condition of persistently increased creatinine level. Along with that, her blood pressure and blood sugar level were also very high. At that time, to get rid of these problems, Rekha Rani was taking Allopathic medications, dialysis (2 times per week), and insulin. But still, she didn’t get the results she was expecting from the treatment. One day one of her relatives told her son about Ayurvedic treatment for high creatinine level by Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda. Her son then tried contacted Dr. Dhawan to know more about the Ayurvedic treatment. After taking Ayurvedic medications along with a kidney-friendly diet plan, Rekha Rani’s creatinine reduced around 2.2 from 9mg/dL.  Along with that, she also got relieved from the complications correlated with the problem of high creatinine like weakness, loss of hunger, and swelling in the feet. Once again, Dr. Puneet Dhawan has proved that a kidney patient doesn’t need to go for surgical treatments like dialysis or renal replacement.  Ayurvedic treatment is the way that has the power to heal the disease by terminating the causes and symptoms. According to Allopathic doctors, reduction of elevated creatinine level is a cumbersome process that only can be stopped by dialysis. On the other side, Ayurvedic kidney specialist like Dr. Puneet Dhawan has reduced a lot of patient’s elevated creatinine level, and Rekha Rani is one of them. On the off chance, you or anyone in your known is going through high creatinine level and other problems related to the kidneys, then contact Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda for the best kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda. Ayurveda provides you with the opportunity to live a disease-free life.


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