Karma Ayurveda Kidney Review Patient Name – Mrs. Raj Rani

Can Ayurvedic medications cure kidney disease and its related complications?

Yes, Ayurvedic treatment has the power and strength to cure kidney-related problems and complications. Kidneys are the vital organs in our body that are responsible to filter and excrete wastes and extra fluid from the bloodstream through the urine. But, when the kidneys are suffering from a disease or an infection, they cannot work well that cause following of the health ailments.

  1. Weakness or fatigue
  2. Vomiting or nausea
  3. Edema (swelling in the feet, ankles, legs, hands, stomach, and kidneys)
  4. Puffiness around the eyes
  5. High blood pressure or hypertension
  6. High creatinine level
  7. Poor appetite
  8. Breathlessness, especially while walking
  9. Restlessness while sleeping
  10. Lack of concentration
  11. Severe abdomen and back pain
  12. Urinary tract infection or UTI
  13. Protein in the urine
  14. Frequent urination, especially at night

Having one or more of the above-mentioned symptoms means your kidneys are not healthy which is why waste substances accumulate in the bloodstream and develop such symptoms. Edema is the most severe health ailment that happens due to the diseased kidneys and high creatinine level. So, in case, if you are facing the problem of swelling in the feet, ankles, hands, face, and stomach, then contact Dr. Puneet Dhawan for kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda. By taking Ayurvedic treatment, you not only get relief from the underlying causes of the disease as well as from its symptoms and disease itself. Here is an example of a kidney patient who was suffering from cancer in her right kidney, and its complications. After getting disappointed from Allopathic treatment, the patient, Mrs. Raj Rani from Sonipat, Haryana visited Karma Ayurveda for kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda. At that time, she was suffering from the problem of severe edema in feet, hands, legs, and stomach. Along with that, her creatinine level was at 1.70mg/dL. She went through a surgery for cancer in the right kidney due to which she was facing its complications like edema, poor appetite, high blood sugar level, and abdomen pain. While surfing on the internet she got to know about Karma Ayurveda, a kidney care treatment center, and then she took an appointment here for kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda. After taking Ayurvedic medications that include a renal diet plan, and yogic science, Mrs. Raj Rani’s creatinine level reduced to 1.60 mg/dL, and she got relieved from the problem of edema as well as from the kidney disease itself. That is how Ayurvedic treatment treats the disease without causing any side effects. Karma Ayurveda is a number one kidney care treatment center, where Dr. Puneet Dhawan has successful 35000 plus case studies. So, now kidney patients do not need to opt for the painful surgical treatments like dialysis or renal replacement, they can head at Karma Ayurveda for the best kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda.


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