Karma Ayurveda Kidney Patient Name – Mrs. Saroj Devi

Creatinine level reduced from 8.24 to 5.4

Karma Ayurveda Review: Mrs. Saroj Devi What happens when kidney disease occurs? Kidney disease is the condition of your kidneys when they are not able to eliminate waste products like creatinine and urea from your blood. Your healthy kidneys must eliminate these waste materials. Otherwise, it can lead to many health-related issues like swelling in some parts of your body, especially in your legs, weakness, poor appetite, and in some cases, it can be life-threatening if not timely treated. The creatinine level in your blood rises due to several reasons. High blood pressure and diabetes are the main reasons for having this kidney dysfunction. Your doctor may advise you to go for dialysis to control your creatinine level. No doubt, dialysis uses advanced technology and can manage your creatinine level, but it can’t be able to eliminate the root cause of this disorder. But Ayurveda can help your body in eradicating the root problem of this disorder. This treatment also involves some powerful natural herbs like Punarnava, gokshura, dandelion, and many more that can prove useful for your body. Today we have a patient from Bikaner, Rajasthan, whose name is Mrs. Saroj Devi. She was diagnosed with kidney disease and taking allopathic medicines and was advised dialysis to reduce her uncontrollable creatinine level. She was facing many health-related complications like walking, weakness, and loss of appetite. At that time, her creatinine level was around 8.24 mg/dL, and the blood urea level is around 185 mg/dL. She was undergoing dialysis but noticed no improvements. She was looking for a permanent solution for her kidneys, that’s why she switches from Allopathy to Ayurveda. This shifting of the treatment proved to be helpful for her kidneys. She followed the guidance given by Dr. Puneet Dhawan and his team and taken Ayurvedic medicines for some time. After some dosage of Ayurvedic medication, she saw tremendous improvement in her health that is great for her body. Her reports also convey the same thing that we have mentioned above. After taking some dosage of Ayurvedic medicines, her creatinine level reduces to 5.4 mg/dL, and blood urea level decreases to 90.6 mg/dL. She had followed proper guidance and diet charts provided by Dr. Puneet Dhawan and his team. Now, she doesn’t need dialysis to survive; in fact, she is still following those guidelines to reduce her creatinine level to the lowest level. She is a live example that shows Ayurveda can eliminate the need for dialysis to treat kidney disease. Dr. Puneet Dhawan is running an Ayurvedic kidney care hospital with a common goal to ‘stop kidney dialysis.’ He and his team are working relentlessly to treat kidney patients safely without any side-effects and artificial procedures.


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