Karma Ayurveda Kidney Patient Name – Mrs. Champa Begum

Creatinine level decreased from 6.5 mg/dL to 3.6mg/dL

Patient Name: Mrs. Champa Begum Age: 60+ years Place: Bangladesh, Dhaka Condition: Kidney disease because of an increased creatinine level Complications: Difficulty walking, poor appetite, weakness, and tiredness, etc Within 10 days of the continuous treatment and Mrs. Champa Begum has got her creatinine reduced from 6.5 to 3.6. Yes, Karma Ayurveda has proved once again that for every problem in the body, there is a treatment in Ayurveda. Mrs. Champa Begum came all the way from Bangladesh for her falling kidney health when a doctor from whom she was taking treatment suggested her to go for dialysis. Since she was too old to survive the consequences of dialysis, her family members thought of approaching Indian Doctors for the improvement. But even the allopathic doctors here at India also guided them to follow dialysis and take medications along with. Meanwhile, she was onto medications in India, her son-in-law went through a YouTube program of Karma Ayurveda’ s channel in which they got to know that even with the help of herbal treatment, Mrs. Champa’s kidney function can be recovered. Just 10 days of the herbal medications and the creatinine level got down from 6.5 to 3.6. Meanwhile, the creatinine also rose a bit as they were following the guidelines of allopathic doctors as well. But they are satisfied with the results and still taking the ayurvedic medications from Karma Ayurveda in India only. Doctor Puneet Dhawan has once again proved that Ayurveda does miracles unlike allopathic. The aim of the ayurvedic medicines is to make sure that no negative impact is to borne by patients and the rejuvenation to the kidney’s function is achieved naturally. Karma Ayurveda is an old ayurvedic hospital that is totally based on the therapeutical values of Ayurveda. Since 1937, Karma Ayurveda has been helping people to save their kidneys from the damage and complete renal failure with its ayurvedic medications. Besides, a diet plan with ayurvedic medications for kidney disease also helps to minimize the complications that appear with reduced kidney function. For instance, if the chronic kidney disease in the patients arose because of high blood pressure, then a renal diet would suggest eating a diet low in sodium so as to regulate the blood pressure. Thus, it can be aphorized that the ayurvedic medications are an amalgamation of the herbal medicines and a diet plan to recover normal kidney function. If you have any queries about the kidney problems or ayurvedic treatment, then reach us!


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