Karma Ayurveda Kidney Patient Name – Mr. Tiwari

Creatinine level reduced from 3.82 to 2.55mg/dL

Kidney diseases are prevalent, and everybody is aware of them. Majorly, kidneys are harmed by high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. Apart from that, unhealthy dietary habits are also a reason for kidney malfunction. Kidneys are the organs in our body that sift and eliminate toxins from our blood with the urine. Further, they are also crucial for the production of red blood cells. But, when the kidneys become inefficient, consulting a healthcare provider is a must to handle the situation with expertise. There are two methods to treat diseased kidneys – The first is Ayurveda, and The second one is Allopathy.

In Ayurvedic treatment, artificial medicines and painful procedures like dialysis are not included. Ayurvedic nephrologist like Dr. Puneet Dhawan only uses natural herbs, renal diet, and yoga to conquer against kidney disease. Ayurvedic medications are developed from herbs and natural ingredients that end the disease from its root causes with symptoms. Along with this, Ayurvedic treatment not only plays an essential role in terminating the illness but also reinvigorates the damaged filters of the kidney. In Allopathic treatment, there are two types of the method – the first is dialysis, in which only the accumulated wastes from your body are expelled with the help of dialyzer. The second one is renal replacement therapy, in which the doctors replace your damaged kidney from a new one.

Allopathic medications only work on the symptoms of the disease, instead of terminating its root causes. In this post underneath, you will find out why these day's kidney patients prefer to take Ayurvedic treatment, instead of Allopathy. Mr. Tiwari is a native of Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, who was suffering from kidney disease due to which his creatinine level increased to 3.82mg/dL. When Mr. Tiwari was searching for an appropriate treatment for his condition, he got to know Dr. Puneet Dhawan and Ayurvedic treatment. After studying about the benefits of taking ayurvedic medicine for creatinine control, Mr. Tiwari decided to contact Dr. Puneet Dhawan. After taking Ayurvedic treatment, Mr. Tiwari’s creatinine level reduced to 2.55mg/dL. Now Mr. Tiwari is physically fit and free from kidney disease. Tons of time, Dr. Puneet Dhawan has proved that Ayurvedic treatment is the best way to get relief from your kidney disease. If you are taking a proper diet, and Ayurvedic medications, then you do not need to opt for the painful procedures like dialysis. Ayurveda is a panacea for kidney problems. To get rid of your kidney disease, and to keep your kidneys healthy, you should go for Ayurvedic treatment. Consult us for the treatment! readout:- Green tea for Polycystic kidney disease Patients


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