Creatinine was 6.40 and is 4.69 mg/dL.

Kidney related problems are normal because of high blood pressure, diabetes, and an unhealthy diet. There are thousands of people suffering from high blood pressure and are not aware of its side-effects and consequences. High blood pressure not only harms the kidneys but also increases the risk of different heart diseases. In general, there are only two methods through which a kidney patient can get rid of it.
  1. Allopathic treatment
  2. Ayurvedic treatment
The allopathic treatment works to heal the disease by preventing its symptoms. Whereas, Ayurvedic treatment works to cure the disease of its roots. Here is an example of a kidney patient, who took Ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease, and got pleasant results. The patient, Mrs. Mamat Rani, 58 years old, belonging to Palwal (Haryana), was suffering from the problems correlated with the kidneys. She was facing problems like high creatinine, high urea level, weakness, fever, and fragile digestive system. At that time, the patient was on Allopathic medications but did not get to see any positive results. One day, when her son got to know about Ayurvedic treatment by Dr. Puneet Dhawan via Karma Ayurveda YouTube channel, he decided to contact him. The patient’s son said ‘I inquired about the services of Dr. Dhawan. I met several clients who have taken Ayurvedic treatment from him and got satisfying results.’ After taking Ayurvedic medications and a kidney-friendly diet plan, the patient noticed the following changes in the report.
  1. Creatinine reduced from 6.40 to 4.69 mg/dL.
  2. Urea level decreased from 108 to 103 mg/dL.
  3. Improved digestion
“Push yourself a tiny bit longer towards Ayurveda to live a disease-free life.” Once again, Dr. Puneet Dhawan has proved Ayurveda is not a slow and inefficient way to get rid of kidney disease or kidney failure. By taking Ayurvedic treatment, a 58-year-old patient got the results which she was expecting from Allopathic treatment. Ayurveda involves a slower treatment as it takes time to cure the underlying causes of the disease and prevent further damage. In case, if you are suffering from kidney disease due to high blood pressure, then Ayurveda is a fully-efficient to control high blood pressure levels and restrain the formation of kidney disease. Suppose, you or anyone in your known is facing the problems correlated with the kidneys, then contact Dr. Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda for kidney treatment in Ayurveda.

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