Ibuprofen is a painkiller or NSAIDs that has adverse effects on the organs of the human body. There are countless people in the world who take counter- pain relievers. Excessive intake of ibuprofen directly impacts the kidney function. Researchers have found that ibuprofen blocks the blood vessels towards kidneys by which blood flow to these organs decreases. Due to this the oxygen supply to the kidneys also gets disrupted that could be the reason for acute kidney injury. With this phenomenon, the functioning of kidneys gets affected that significantly reduce the GFR of the kidneys. “Ibuprofen and GFR”

The Normal GFR Level

GFR is expanded as the glomerular filtration rate that is tested to see the real function of the kidneys at that point in time. The accurate GFR conducted varies due to different parameters like age, sex, race, nationality and body type. Due to decreased GFR, the person is expected to have a kidney ailment commonly known as chronic kidney disease. This impairment is classified into five stages depending on the categories of GFR measure. Below is the brief description of the same. “Ibuprofen and GFR” Stage 1- normal GFR > 90ml/min (denoted normal kidney function) Stage 2- GFR = 60-89ml/min (denotes mild damage) Stage 3- GFR = 30- 59 ml/min (denotes moderate damage to the kidneys) Stage 4- GFR = 15- 29ml/min (denotes severe damage to the kidneys) Stage 5 – GFR <15 ml/min (denotes kidney failure)

How Ibuprofen Effect Kidneys?

Excessive consumption of ibuprofen damages the kidneys causing kidney failure. These drugs directly impact the blood vessels and hinder the functioning of kidneys. “Ibuprofen and GFR” Some health hazards associated with ibuprofen are:
  • Kidney failure
  • Development of chronic kidney disease
  • Irreversible kidney damage “Ayurvedic Kidney Infection Treatment”
Livers are least affected by NSAIDs. The major impact is felt on the kidneys. This is as follows: Ibuprofen blocks the prostaglandins (a natural body chemical that dilates the blood vessels of the kidneys). This blockage reduces the blood flow to the kidneys and also imparts less oxygen to them. The lack of blood and oxygen cause acute kidney injury. The rise in the creatinine levels in the blood test gives a clear picture of the abnormal functioning of the kidneys. This is usually seen within the first three to seven days of NSAIDs therapy. “Ibuprofen and GFR” The people who are more prone are ones who have a chronic problem of high blood pressure, and who are regularly consuming NSAIDs. The pre-existing kidney problem also gets worsen with NSAIDs. The condition of acute kidney injury caused through Ibuprofen does not lead to any major symptoms. “Ibuprofen and GFR”

Perfect Alternative to Painkillers:

Ayurveda is a holistic science that had a distinctive approach to treat kidney diseases. This medical stream uses naturally grown ingredients to cure kidney ailments. The ayurvedic medicines manufactured by the treatment measure are safe for kidney patients. Ibuprofen And GFR These are the ideal alternative to all kinds of painkillers and NSAIDs. Ayurveda shows its distinctiveness by offering certain dietary tips that become a sure shot solution for all body ailments. Karma Ayurveda is a well-reputed kidney treatment hospital in India that provides complete natural aid with the assistance of a skilled ayurvedacharya Dr. Puneet Dhawan. The centre renders herbal medicines for all types of kidney ailments. Karma Ayurveda Reviews and Feedback, Complaint

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