May 2018 According to the National Kidney Foundation, most of the middle and old age people are suffering from one or the other kind of kidney problems. Usually, when the kidneys fail to function, the waste starts accumulating in the body and can harm the kidneys and other organs. How To Avoid Fake & Fraud Treatment. The common signs that patient in their advance stages experiences is swelling in hands and feet, irregular urine pattern, abnormal weight loss, muscle cramps, joint and back pain, nausea and weakness. One should not ignore these symptoms and go for proper Ayurvedic treatment. How To Avoid Fake & Fraud Treatment.

How To Avoid Fake & Fraud Treatment, Karma Ayurveda Review

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The patient’s name is Satish Chandra and he is working as an assistant auditor in CNG India. He was facing certain kidney problems for a long time and was not able to get cured with normal allopathic treatment. Usually, creatinine keeps on increasing once the kidney damage starts. His 40-50% kidney damage has already occurred. Before treatment- his condition was critical and creatinine was 1.62 (March) The normal symptoms that he faced before treatment:
  • Heaviness in the body
  • Nausea
  • Swelling of ankles and feet
  • Burning sensation while urinating
After 2 months of treatment: the creatinine dropped down to Creatinine- 1.11 (May), it was normal but he was still feeling a little weak so he continued the treatment. He properly followed the guidelines of the treatment and now his creatinine is normal. Analysis: How To Avoid Fake & Fraud Treatment, Karma Ayurveda Review:-
  • Blood pressure got normal by proper treatment
  • GFR improves
  • All electrolytes- uric acid, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chloride are in the normal range
Conclusion: The patient after taking the right treatment at right time helped in steady improvement. Dr. Puneet Dhawan advised him a good course of herbal medicines with proper diet guidelines which resulted in a decrease in creatinine and improvement in GFR. How To Avoid Fake & Fraud Treatment, Karma Ayurveda Review.

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