Proteinuria is a health condition in which the protein from the body starts to get excreted in the urine. This happened when the kidneys get damaged and are not able to preserve the protein inside the body. Well, the condition of proteinuria doesn’t always sign towards kidney disease. There are many other health disorders which let the protein to flow out with urine. “Ayurvedic proteinuria treatment in pregnancy” Pregnant women often face the condition of proteinuria. It is important for every pregnant woman to know what is letting the protein to excrete out with urine. Less excretion of protein through urine can be common but when the excretion of protein goes high, it can be a sign of kidney disease, stress or some infection.

What causes the protein to flow out with urine during pregnancy?

Our kidneys manage the level of necessary and unnecessary compounds. It removes the waste out and retains the needed components such as protein. There are some health disorders that affect the function of the kidneys and hence let the protein to excrete out from the body. Let’s understand the causes which let the protein to flow out with urine during pregnancy: “Ayurvedic proteinuria treatment in pregnancy”
  1. Preeclampsia- In this high blood pressure or hypertension becomes the cause of protein excretion with urine. This let many symptoms like a headache, vomiting, edema, less urination, blurred vision to arise. It is important for the pregnant women to find the right treatment for this disorder as this can cause kidney, liver, brain, eye, heart and lung failure if continues.
  2. Eclampsia- In this, seizures also found to occur with preeclampsia.
  3. HELLP syndrome- This work as a danger for the life of pregnant women. In these several disorders such as the breakdown of RBCs, elevated liver enzymes and low platelet count found to occur.
  4. Urinary tract infection- The excretion of protein with urine during pregnancy can also be a cause of urinary tract infection or kidney infection. This can cause chills, back pain, vomiting, and nausea. This infection can also affect your baby. Presence of urinary tract infection in pregnancy can cause premature delivery and low weight of the newborn. “Ayurvedic proteinuria treatment in pregnancy”
  5. Other causes- There are some other causes that can let the protein to flow out with urine. These causes are:
    • Fever and dehydration
    • Emotional stress
    • Heavy exercise
    • Chronic kidney disease
    • Diabetes
    • Leukemia
    • Lupus
    • Arthritis

The effective treatment for proteinuria in pregnancy

All the pregnant women need to be sure about everything and hence about the treatment of proteinuria. It is important for pregnant women to choose a treatment which will be safe for the baby. Ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria in Pregnancy is working as the right and risk-free treatment for many pregnant women. This is an ideal treatment because it never found to be linked with any side effects and provide 100% herbal medications made of natural herbs. After getting the ayurvedic proteinuria treatment in Pregnancy from Karma Ayurveda, many kidney patients are away from dangerous complications. Ayurvedic Proteinuria Pregnancy Treatment

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