There has been an increase in the number of people suffering from kidney disease in India. In many parts of this country people suffering from kidney failure do not get the required treatment and so are pushed to a life-threatening condition. Patients cannot afford dialysis and transplant and so lose their life when they suffer from kidney failure without knowing that ayurvedic medicine for kidney failure in Delhi can also help them in difficult times.  If any of your loved ones is suffering from kidney damage, learn how ayurvedic treatment can help them. Ayurvedic medicines to cure kidney failure Ayurveda, an ancient science is known to have a cure for every ailment. It is the science of treating mind, body, and soul with natural herbs. As per Ayurveda every illness that grows in the body is due to blockage of energy that hampers the functionality of the organs. Ayurveda works to eliminate any condition or risk factors that can affect your kidney blood vessels, filtering units, and the kidney cells. The ayurvedic medicine for kidney failure in Delhi uses herbs that work for you in various ways. They help to:
  • Facilitate urine flow
  • Keep the urinary tract membrane cool
  • Maintain the health of the blood vessels in the kidney
  • Rejuvenates the cells
  • Regulate the blood pressure level
  • Maintain the blood sugar level
  • Improve your overall health
Ayurvedic remedies to manage kidney failure With the help of some home remedies, you can manage kidney failure easily. Follow these simple guidelines to improve the functionality of the kidney:
  • Watermelon is good for renal sufficiency and can be taken either as a fruit or juice.
  • Radish juice is also good for kidney failure patients. You can drink radish leaves juice twice a day.
  • Beetroot juice also helps to eliminate the risk factors of kidney damage and can be taken along with the ayurvedic Treatment for kidney failure.
  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits to improve the quality of the kidney
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. Exercise and workout (not rigorous one) help facilitates the flow of calcium into the bloodstream. Exercise and yoga prevent kidney stone from growing in.
  • Coconut water is good for kidney failure patients
  • Basil leaves with honey can be taken every day in the morning and helps to prevent the kidney from getting ill.
  • Another effective remedy for kidney failure is pulp and juice of lauki that can help to prevent urinary problems.
  • You can also take tomato juice with a pinch of salt and black pepper and maintain your kidney function.
Karma Ayurveda’s ayurvedic medicine for kidney failure in Delhi has helped thousands of patients suffering from complications of kidney failure. Since 1937, this kidney care unit has been working efficaciously in bringing natural ways of healing kidney, into the lives of the people. Dr. Puneet Dhawan’s motto to stop dialysis from the medical system is worth appreciating.

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