What is kidney failure?

Also called end-stage renal disease, kidney failure is an acute condition in which the kidneys lose their ability to filter out toxins from the body. As you know kidneys are the important organs of the body needed for eliminating toxins out of the body. When they become diseased or damaged, they cannot filter out as efficiently as they should. The condition can even take away the life of the patient if no specific treatment is taken. That is why it is imperative, to begin with, an appropriate treatment like ayurvedic kidney failure treatment in Prayagraj as early as possible.

Reasons why your kidney fail?

There can be a number of health conditions that create an obstruction in the kidney filtration process. The fluid buildup due to loss of kidney functionality further deteriorates the health of your kidney thereby pushing you to the edge of ESRD. Some of the prominent causes of kidney damage are:
  • Polycystic kidney disease: It is an inherited disorder in which a sac-like membrane called cysts grow inside the kidney that gets filled with fluid. However, you don’t have to worry much about PKD as it can be easily eliminated with the help of ayurvedic kidney failure treatment in Prayagraj.
  • Glomerulonephritis: This is a health condition that affects the filtering unit of the kidney. Glomeruli are the small filtering blood vessels of the kidney that help your body get rid of waste and toxins from the blood. If the illness continues, the kidneys may stop working leading to acute kidney failure.
  • Diabetes: a Raised level of blood glucose in the body also affects the kidney. The blood vessels inside the kidneys get damaged when your diabetic level is comparatively high for a prolonged time. High blood glucose level can severely harm your body parts and so should always be kept under control.
  • Chronic pyelonephritis: A severe kidney infection that causes the kidney to swell and injured. It is a life-threatening condition that starts in the lower urinary tract as a urinary tract infection. The bacteria enter the body, multiply and spread the bladder causing harm to the kidney. To prevent the growth of the bacteria inside the bladder, you can also depend on ayurvedic kidney failure treatment in Prayag, Allahabad.
  • High blood pressure: The heart pumps through veins and arteries and blood flows through them only. But when the blood pressure is high the vessels in the kidney work hard to transfer the blood which eventually injures the kidney’s vessels.

Can Ayurveda really be helpful?

If you are still worried about how Ayurveda can help during kidney failure then you need to learn that Ayurveda is an ancient way of recovering from disease without leaving any physical complications on the body. The herbs that are used in ayurvedic kidney failure treatment in Prayagraj are processed naturally without any chemical intervention. That is why you can always count on Ayurveda to eliminate the problem from your body. The benefits of taking ayurvedic medicine do not end here as the herbs are capable of improving your overall health thereby making you fit and fine. Karma Ayurveda has helped thousands of people suffering from kidney problems. Doctor Puneet Dhawan is working diligently to stop dialysis from the system so that the patient’s life can be saved with ayurvedic treatment. If you want assistance for your kidney health problem, then consult us!

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