What is Kidney failure?

Kidneys are a pair of organs located at each side of the spine. The main job of the kidney is to filter out toxins from your body and send the toxins to the bladder. Any illness in the kidney causes the fluids that should be removed out of the body to accumulate in the tissues only. The fluid buildup in the tissues causes your body parts to swell and make you feel weak. The situation gets even worse when one or both of your kidneys fail to perform their job and accordingly patients suffer from kidney failure. In order to maintain the health of your kidney, you can also take the help of ayurvedic kidney failure treatment in Jind, thereby eliminating the need to have dialysis and transplant.

Types of kidney failure

Kidney failure occurs when your kidneys lose more than 80% of their functionality and cannot filter out toxins properly. There are five different types of kidney failure:
  • Acute prerenal kidney failure
A sudden loss of blood to the kidneys causes acute prerenal kidney failure. With an insufficient flow of blood, the kidneys cannot filter toxins from the blood. But there is a sigh of relief for those suffering from acute prerenal kidney failure that it can be easily cured with the help of ayurvedic kidney failure treatment in Jind.
  • Acute intrinsic kidney failure
Direct trauma to the kidneys also affects their functionality, for instance, an accident. The causes of acute intrinsic kidney failure include shock, renal blood vessel obstruction, glomerulonephritis, and severe bleeding.
  • Chronic prerenal kidney failure
In chronic prerenal kidney failure, there is a loss of blood to the kidneys for an extended period of time. The result is shrinking in the size of the kidney and eventually, kidney loses their functionality.
  • Chronic intrinsic kidney failure
Long term damage to the kidney due to intrinsic kidney diseases is called chronic intrinsic kidney failure. This type of kidney failure occurs due to direct trauma to the kidneys.
  • Chronic post-renal kidney failure
When there is an obstruction in the urinary tract that causes a problem in the urination, the condition is said to be chronic post-renal kidney failure.

How to diagnose kidney failure

There are certain tests doctor conducts in order to diagnose kidney failure in you. With the help of such tests you can determine which stage of kidney failure you are in and other things, you need to know in order to know which kidney failure treatment in Jind you need to take.
  • Urinalysis
  • BUN test
  • Kidney biopsy
  • Imaging
Treatment for kidney failure
There are several treatments for kidney failure but the type of treatment you need depends upon the underlying cause of the kidney treatment.  The doctor may suggest you to take:
  • Dialysis: In dialysis, a machine is used to remove toxins out of the body. The treatment is performed until your kidneys are healthy again.
  • Transplant: A kidney from a donor is transplanted into the body of the patient or deceased person. There are strict regimes that a patient needs to follow to allow the body to accept the new organ.
Apart from the two surgical treatments, you can also take ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure to cure the health of your kidney. When you take ayurvedic treatment to treat your kidney failure, you eliminate the risk of life-threatening conditions such as a heart stroke that arise with dialysis and transplant. With the help of ayurvedic treatment, you can also reduce the dependency on dialysis if both of your kidneys have failed. Karma Ayurveda is an ayurvedic kidney care unit in Delhi that heals your kidney with herbs from the Ayurveda. Herbs like Kaasni, Punarnava, Shirish are believed to have a therapeutic effect on the body of a human that help to improve your overall well-being. Such herbs are widely used in the treatment by Karma Ayurveda. If you have any kidney problem that you want a solution for, then consult Doctor Puneet Dhawan, an ayurvedic specialist for an ayurvedic kidney failure treatment in Jind.

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