Kidneys are an essential part of the body. It is chiefly responsible for filtering the blood and throwing out waste in the form of urine from the body. Kidneys also perform numerous other functions like secreting certain hormones like renin, erythropoietin, and vitamin D. Kidney failure is described as a permanent shut down of kidney function. It is also known as an end-stage kidney disease. Ayurveda Therapy for Kidney Failure can give the better of the Kidneys face complete failure when Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) of the kidneys is equal to or less than 15 milliliter per minute. The GFR is a rate at which the filtering agents of kidneys (Glomerular) remove unwanted substances from the blood.


Kidney failure is one of a risk factor associated with diabetic and hypertension patients. Signs and symptoms that develop in kidney failure patients include:
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Sleep problems
  • Urination changes
  • Decreased mental sharpnessMuscle twitches and cramps
  • Swelling of feet and ankles
  • Persistent itching
  • Chest pain, if fluid builds up around the lining of the heart
  • Shortness of breath, if fluid builds up in the lungs

Important test and alternate to kidney disease

If the above mentioned symptoms stay for an extended period of time, one should go for a certain test such as imaging test, blood-urine test, and ultrasound and kidney biopsy. These tests help in identifying the impurities in the blood as they pave the way to a healthier body. The two most common type of treatment which patients usually take are dialysis and transplant. In dialysis, an artificial machine is used to filter the toxins from the blood when kidneys are not functioning. On the other hand, in kidney transplant, a diseased kidney is completely replaced, by a new donated kidney. However, both the treatment have no side-effects on the kidneys, it only increases the life span of the kidneys for time being. Ayurveda Therapy for Kidney Failure is more beneficial than allopathic treatment and can save the kidneys.

Ayurveda Therapy for Kidney Failure

Ayurveda is a traditional way of treating body ailments through medicated herbs. This holistic science of treatment profusely uses natural products to act on the actual causing agent of the disease. Kidneys are no less in treating through Ayurvedic measures. The mechanism used by this line of treatment comprises of zero side effects and guaranteed permanent results. Karma Ayurveda Reviews and Feedback Karma Ayurveda, an India based ayurvedic kidney treatment hospital presently runs with the assistance of the 5th generation of Dhawan family, a prominent physician Dr. Puneet Dhawan renders herbal aid to fight against kidney disease. The centre’s years of experience and abundant knowledge of Ayurveda have enormously helped thousands of kidney patients without dialysis. Karma Ayurveda medicines are the safest treatment options that target the disease from its grass root level.

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