Kidneys are supposed to excrete waste and toxins from the blood through the urine. But when they stop working over a short time period, usually in one or two days, it is called acute kidney failure. AKD or AKF is a serious condition that immediately requires treatment through dialysis and acute renal failure treatment in Ayurveda. Both the treatments can be taken together to allow the toxins to be removed from the body. Causes of acute kidney failure AKF happens because of some health conditions that abruptly damage the filtering units of the kidney. Those health conditions include:
  • Insufficient blood flow to the kidneys: The causes of low blood flow to the kidneys include low blood pressure, severe diarrhea, cardiovascular diseases, and allergic reactions,etc,
  • Injuries directly related to the kidneys: Blood clots in the kidneys, alcohol or drug abuse, certain drugs, and infections directly affect the health of the kidney.
  • An obstruction in the ureters: A blockage in the ureters and the tubes that transmute the urine from the kidneys to the bladdermay cause AKD.
AKD is reversible if it is treated quickly. If you were healthy before and your kidneys suddenly got failed because of some health conditions, and you took the right acute renal failure treatment in Ayurveda, then probably your kidneys may work normally after the treatment. Treatment for acute kidney failure The treatment for acute kidney failure depends on the underlying cause of the damage to the kidneys. In most cases, patients need to take hemodialysis until the full recovery is achieved, which is hard because as soon as you leave dialysis, you will notice symptoms appearing again in the body. However, by taking acute renal failure treatment in Ayurveda along with dialysis, you can reduce the dependency on dialysis and still improve your health. Ayurvedic medicines for acute kidney failure The acute renal failure treatment in Ayurveda depends on what caused the disease. By working on the underlying cause of damage, the disease can be prevented from occurring again in the future.  The herbal extracts help keep the kidneys, ureter, bladder, and urinary tract membrane healthy by treating the infections. The herbal medicines also allow the toxins to be eliminated naturally through the urine without any involvement of an artificial mechanism. Preventing acute kidney failure Taking care of the kidneys can prevent the occurrence of acute kidney disease in the people. Here are some healthy guidelines for your reference:
  • If you are a diabetic and blood pressure patient, then be punctual about your medications as they both can affect the health of the kidney.
  • Prefer a diet low in salt and sodium because excess consumption of kidneys is subjected to kidney disease.
  • Limit alcohol
  • Quit smoking if you are used to
  • Take over the counter medications only after a prescription from your doctor
Karma Ayurveda Karma Ayurveda offers ayurvedic medicines to kidney patients across the globe. Until now, thousands of kidney patients have been saved with ayurvedic medicines by Doctor Puneet Dhawan, a renowned kidney specialist. The medicines are created keeping in mind the type of kidney disease and the condition of the patient. If you or anyone in your family needs acute renal failure treatment in Ayurveda to prevent acute kidney failure, then we are the kidney care institution to head to!

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