All about Acute kidney disease (AKD), Acute Kidney Failure, Acute Renal Failure

Acute kidney disease

Acute Kidney Disease is a sudden condition which offers path to various quick manifestations. Individuals who are experiencing any sort of renal infection need to comprehend that how basic kidney disappointment can be for them. Some close to home causes are observed to be holed up behind 60 to 70 percent of intense kidney disappointment condition, for example, insufficient blood stream to the kidneys because of the low dimension of liquid or drying out, heart assault or heart disappointment, and low circulatory strain level. Intense kidney disappointment treatment in Ayurveda soothes such side effects normally.

Today people are torment from many kidney tribulations that are resulting in many abnormalities and symptoms that are causing lots of complexity in living. Acute kidney failure or Acute Kidney Disease is the condition where the kidney is not in the state to purge the excess salt from the fluids from the blood. When the kidney of the body loses the filtration ability then the dangerous level comes to the highest level. This is the most intimidating part of the kidney failure and can cause many tribulations as well. This stage also knows as kidney injury or acute renal failure.

Symptoms of kidney disease

Kidney works to manage the level of electrolytes, fluid, and waste inside the body and for the right elimination of excess material with urine. At the stage of renal failure, the two kidneys inside our body are not able to perform any of such functions and give way to many dangerous complications. As the level of electrolytes and fluid needs to be normal in the body so that every organ can function optimally. Symptoms of acute renal failure which can take place in no time are:

  • Less appetite, nausea, and vomiting– Such symptoms found to occur because of the inadequate immune system.
  • Less fatigue and energy– With the inadequate concentration of electrolytes by the organs, symptoms like less fatigue and energy found to occur.
  • Muscle weakness– Our muscles need electrolytes to function in the right manner. Those who face the condition of renal failure face weakness of muscles due to fewer electrolytes level.
  • Confusion– Less concentration or confusion found to be a serious symptom that happens due to inadequate blood flow to the brain. In many of the cases, this persisting situation of confusion due to acute renal failure can lead to coma.
  • Slow and irregular heartbeat– The cardiac muscles controls our heartbeat and is depended on electrolytes for the right functioning. Low level of electrolytes flow to the cardiac muscles causes slow and irregular heartbeat.

The specific kidney disease symptoms in patients are several pains or aching in the back, fever, chills, dullness and increase in urination. In case of any such symptoms in the body, one must consult with the experts and take the required treatment. These infections generally happen to middle and old age people. Eating a high protein diet and consuming excess calcium can also be the reason for a kidney infection. This disease has become a common occurrence as people living an unhealthy lifestyle which directly affects the kidneys.

How can Ayurveda work magic on acute kidney disease (AKD)?

Ayurveda is the most popular holistic forms of treatment that originated in India and is rapidly spreading around the world. Ayurveda is a combination of two Sanskrit words, Ayur meaning ‘life’ and Veda meaning ‘knowledge’.  Hence, Ayurveda literally means ‘the knowledge of life’. Ayurveda is an herbal science that works on the physical ailments with the natural herbs and organic supplements and therefore cured the Acute Kidney Disease from its roots.

Ayurveda also believes in the importance of diet. When a treatment is going on, the Ayurvedic physician will stress the importance of the diet the person consumes. Each component is selected with care because with any disease, there are a large number of dietary indications and contra-indications.