What foods should be avoided during nephrotic syndrome?

Nephrotic syndrome is a chronic kidney disease which causes our body to excrete more protein in our urine. Due to which many people suffer from kidney diseases and many of them don’t know about this disease. We are going to tell you about this disease and nephrotic syndrome Ayurvedic medicine which will help you to cure this disease properly. This disease is most common in men as compared to women. Many times this disease is most commonly found in children of age 2 to 6 year.

Foods to avoid in nephrotic syndrome

Many people have queries regarding what diet should be taken in nephrotic syndrome and are there any nephrotic syndrome Ayurvedic medicine that can help them to cure of this kidney disease. People have to keep in mind that they don’t have to take protein rich diet as it can damage the nephrons (the filtering unit of the kidney) if you are suffering from nephrotic syndrome disease. As patients are suggested to take protein in the least amount as but sometimes it may depend on the current situation of your kidney. Before discussing foods to avoid in nephrotic syndrome we will discuss some suggested food to take in this situation. For hypertension and swelling in some parts of the body, you are suggested to take low sodium food as they may help you to lower down these complications. Always try to cook food at home, don’t order food from a restaurant or online as they cook food with adding high salt so always try to avoid such circumstances. Try to avoid the use of unhealthy cooking food only use olive oil or coconut oil to cook food as they have an appropriate amount of minerals and proteins which you need to intake during nephrotic syndrome disease. There are some edible foods which you should avoid during nephrotic syndrome disease.

  • Salted bread and other salted packed foods.
  • Frozen dinner and frozen foods must be avoided.
  • High sodium meat like bacon
  • Pickled vegetables.
  • Meats which are stored in cans as they use sodium to keep meat fresh for long use.

Always keep in mind that certain seasonings and condiments are high in sodium like MSG, Worcestershire sauce, bouillon cubes, olives, pickles, mustard, oyster sauce, patis, bagoong, and soy sauce. Some High-fat foods are also avoided such as fried food, excess oil and mayonnaise.

Symptoms which shows that you are suffering from nephrotic syndrome disease -

  • Severe swelling around eyes, ankles, and feet
  • Foam in your urine which is caused by the formation of excretion of more protein in your urine.
  • Excessive weight gain or weight loss
  • Laziness or fatigue in your day to day routine
  • Not feeling hungry

Is this disease curable?

The answer is no, as many doctors prescribed that the patient has lost protein in a high amount so, for that they usually give protein medicines and protein diet to maintain protein level in the patient. As this disease is not curable totally but from nephrotic syndrome Ayurvedic medicines you will be able to control the problems which may increase your kidney damage.

Is there any problem which may occur from this disease?

Yes, there are many diseases or complications which may occur from this disease. As in this disease, protein got excreted through the urine so there will be heavy loss of protein in the body which may cause many problems such as:

  • Anemia
  • High blood pressure
  • Many heart disease
  • Acute kidney failure may cause kidney damage.
  • Blood clotting
  • Infection due to loss of protein through urine
  • Vitamin D and calcium deficiency
  • Doctors may give heavy dosage medications to cure complications of this disease.

As many doctors always try to control some of the complications from medications by giving heavy dosages like:

  • Medicines are given to control high BP and cholesterol so that it can prevent heart disease.
  • Medicines to control swelling in the body by controlling the amount of water present in the body.

There are many other medications which are given to the patient for controlling other issues like blood clots and infections which may cause kidney damage. Sometimes doctors may advise patient to control usage of salts which may help them to cure from swelling of body parts and also help them to cure high blood pressure. It is very important for every patient to choose the right path or right doctor for the treatment of this hazardous disease, as this disease may harm anyone’s life. The nephrotic syndrome Ayurvedic medicine has been proved to very effective innumerable times. Ayurvedic medicine for this disease will support renal functions and prevent protein loss. For this disease, there are many nephrotic syndrome Ayurvedic medicine which is provided by Karma Ayurveda hospital. As Karma Ayurveda provides an Ayurvedic treatment which is free from all side effects. At Karma Ayurveda, Dr. Puneet Dhawan guides the kidney patients about the right eating routine and treatment. Dr. Puneet Dhawan is demonstrating that kidney sicknesses can be dealt with normally and he had cured numerous kidney patients without kidney dialysis and transplant.


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