Nephrotic syndrome is a health disorder that lets a number of health complications or symptoms to occur altogether. All these symptoms sign that a person’s kidneys are damaged and are not performing its functions adequately. In this blog, we are going to find that how nephrotic syndrome ayurvedic medicine helps work to remove all these symptoms by curing the damaged kidneys naturally.

Complications of nephrotic syndrome?

As we had mentioned above that nephrotic syndrome is linked with many symptoms that occurs all together. These symptoms are:
  • The heavy flow of protein with urine or high level of protein in the urine
  • The low protein level in the blood
  • High level of cholesterol and fat in the blood
  • Swelling of different body
Nephrotic syndrome ayurvedic medicine relieves all such symptoms permanently by rejuvenating the damaged kidneys and its overall functions. Well, there are a number of aspects that increase the risk of nephrotic syndrome for you. It is important for every individual to stay aware of these aspects because nephrotic syndromes can also sign that you are moving towards the stage of kidney failure. These aspects are:
  • Diseases like lupus, diabetes, and FSGS increases the risk of nephrotic syndrome for a person
  • High intake of counter medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or antibiotics
  • Infections such as malaria, hepatitis B and C, and HIV

Symptoms of nephrotic syndrome

In many of the cases, people don’t get to know about nephrotic syndrome until they don’t get their urine or blood tests done. These are the tests that show the level of protein in urine or blood and hence declare whether your kidneys are working adequately or not. We had already mentioned some of the major symptoms which a nephrotic syndrome patient can notice. There are some other symptoms of the nephrotic syndrome which are as follow:
  • Feeling of fullness
  • Feeling of tiredness
  • Bubbly or foamy urine
  • Weight gain
  • Swelling of hands, feet, ankles, and legs
Nephrotic Syndrome Ayurvedic Medicine relieves all such symptoms by bringing the kidneys back to its original stage. Well, there are many complications that a person can face being diagnosed with nephrotic syndromes like anemia, heart disease, high blood pressure, the buildup of fluid, acute kidney injury, and kidney failure.

Causes of nephrotic syndrome

As the nephrotic syndrome is a common health complication, hence it is necessary for a person to stay aware about the causes which are found to be linked with it. All the risk factors which we had mentioned above can also be denoted as the causes of this common health condition. Diseases that affect the functions of kidneys are known to be the primary causes of nephrotic syndrome whole diseases which affect the whole body in different ways are known to be the secondary causes of nephrotic syndrome. Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is the leading cause of nephrotic syndrome. While for children minimal change disease is known to be the primary cause of the nephrotic syndrome and its cure in nephrotic syndrome ayurvedic medicine.

How nephrotic syndrome ayurvedic medicine helps you out?

People who are finding a solution to nephrotic syndrome need to know that they are actually pushing themselves towards dialysis like painful and dangerous procedure. Because allopathic doctors state it clearly that they have no solution for such health disorders or complications. While Ayurveda serves you with a permanent solution. Ayurvedic Medicine For Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment provided by Karma Ayurveda includes medicines made up of natural herbs which help in permanent rejuvenation of damaged kidneys. There are many kidney patients who got saved from dialysis and kidney transplant like dangerous procedures after getting ayurvedic kidney disease treatment from Dr. Puneet Dhawan. So, if you are looking for the right solution for kidney-related disorders, then you need to come to Karma Ayurveda today.

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