For nearly half of the population is suffering elevated levels of blood creatinine which can lead to kidney malfunction or failure, the outlook is bleak: either a life sentence of frequent dialysis or a kidney transplant, if you're lucky. But now a new kidney diet is causing a stir amongst the normally conservative world of renal medicine, although the news might not have reached your doctor yet. “What Food To Eat To Lower Creatinine Level.

All three of these risk factors are under the control of the patient. And even high blood pressure can be controlled by a better diet and deep breathing.

So, the only one outside anyone's control is hereditary factors, which represent a small percentage of the whole. And even kidney disease due to this still responds well to a sensible kidney diet. “What Food To Eat To Lower Creatinine Level”.


Kidney Diet To Lower The Creatinine

At best, dietary changes such as avoidance of calcium and phosphorous-rich foods will become necessary if certain kidney problems are at a critical stage. This applies mostly to individuals who are at risk of developing a renal disorder. There are certain provisions that a patient needs to take while forming a planned diet, such as:

  • Don't drink alcohol, energy drinks, or beverages with high sugar content-both may overwork the liver and worsen or cause degeneration of the kidney problem
  • Adopt a balanced diet for a renal disease which comprises fresh vegetables, whole grains, and lean meat as well as water. Greens and fruits rich in vitamins improve cell metabolism and the functioning of organs. “What Food To Eat To Lower Creatinine Level.
  • Eat vegetables and fruits as often as you can and incorporate them into your kidney diet plan to boost your immunity and cell metabolism
  • Embrace active and vibrant life to reduce obesity or abnormal weight, boost the functioning of renal diet, and promote good body metabolism and kidney functioning
  • Exercise ensures blood circulation to kidney and boosts activities such as detoxification and filtering
  • Drinking a lot of fluids like water is good for your kidneys - especially for preventing kidney stones. But if you are experiencing kidney problems, you have to be careful about fluid intake. When a kidney is damaged or diseased, it has trouble filtering out excess fluids and flushing them from the body in urine. Taking in even more fluids at a time like this can trigger swelling, high blood pressure and shortness of breath. So it's important to watch your fluid intake carefully if you already have kidney trouble of any kind. “What Food To Eat To Lower Creatinine Level.

Ayurveda medicine for creatinine

Ayurveda treatment uses many distinct herbs that naturally heal the kidneys depending upon the metabolism of the patient. The treatment alone is not enough, but rather you have to follow a diet plan that can help you get cured. A patient suffering from CKD need to lower down their intake of a high protein food as it becomes difficult for the diseased kidney to filter them. It is also advisable to drink an abundant amount of water for easy filtration of waste. “What Food To Eat To Lower Creatinine Level”.

Dr. Puneet Dhawan is a well competent Ayurveda physician that has treated thousands of kidney patients. He doesn’t support the idea of allopathic medicines and only uses natural methods for treating kidney patients. Karma Ayurveda is one of the leading Ayurvedic clinics in Asia working under his guidance. They have a happy family of thousands of cured patients from all over the world. “What Food To Eat To Lower Creatinine Level”.


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