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There is a treatment for kidney disease without dialysis. No, it is implausible.  Right now, you must be thinking that it is not feasible to stop kidney disease without dialysis. Dialysis is the technique that is used to excrete certain waste that accumulates in the body of a kidney patient.  Kidneys are the organs that maintain the levels of fluid, minerals, high blood pressure, and nutrients in the body. They are also vital for the purification of blood and to excrete waste with the urine. Furthermore, your renal system forms urine plus hormones that are vital in the production of red blood cells. So, what exactly happened when your kidney stops working? 

Causes For Kidney Disease Patient

When the renal system is not working the way it used to be, then you notice the following health ailments. 

  1. An elevated level of blood pressure. 
  2. Dry or itchy skin due to high level of creatine
  3. Redness or pimples because of high uric acid or blood urea
  4. Puffiness around the eyes due to accumulated waste in the body. 
  5. Frequent or sometimes less urination because of the problem in the urinary system.
  6. Weakness, breathlessness, tiredness, or dizziness due to renal disease or damage. 
  7. Blood or protein in the urine because of renal damage or proteinuria
  8. Heaviness or pain in the lower back area due to certain waste accumulated or pressure on the kidneys. 
  9. Pain and legs swelling, hands, stomach, and ankles. 

In case, if you are facing any one or two of the above-mentioned health ailments. So, go for a kidney function test (KFT). Through this test, you get to know how much your kidneys are functioning.  And,  If you have kidney disease do not go for dialysis. It is because dialysis is a convoluted process that is not easy to follow and takes a long time to complete. It does not provide you with complete kidney disease remission. It is only a method that is made to empty your stomach by removing waste from it. There is not a single chance that dialysis will terminate your kidney disease. But, yes, it may augment the number of problems for you and your loved ones.  Now, if dialysis is an impetuous decision, then which is the most ayurvedic treatment for kidney patients.


Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment Without Dialysis

Yes, Ayurvedic medications are the best of the bests that not only pacify your kidney disease but also rejuvenate the damaged glomeruli of the kidneys. Underneath are some important healthy points of taking Ayurvedic treatment. 

  1. Ayurvedic medicines and diet are customized based on the need of the patient’s body. 
  2. The Ayurveda treatment work according to the causative factors of the disease, and the Doshic properties of the kidney patient. 
  3. The treatment in Ayurveda is cost-effective. 
  4. Ayurvedic medication is feasible to buy by everyone. 
  5. The Ayurvedic medications are free from obnoxious side effects. 
  6. The therapies and principles of stop kidney dialysis without dialysis support the natural repairing system and revive all the cells and tissues. 

There are more natural benefits of Ayurvedic Kidney treatment that are not easy to be penned down. Ayurveda is not only correlated with the herbs and natural ingredients. It is also about lifestyle and diet. A human body has everything potent enough to heal a chronic to acute disease. Your body only demands delightful support of medications that helps to win the game. Ayurveda works to pacify the vitiation of Doshas so that your body can get a chance to conquer the disease. Hold the hand of Ayurveda that can stop kidney disease without dialysis


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