Kidney Failure Treatment Without Dialysis | No Dialysis & No Transplant

There is no way to cease dialysis that is beneficial and significant for kidney disease patients. If you are from those people who believe in this myth, then this blog is for you.  Through this blog, we will inform you about the benefits of taking Ayurvedic treatment for kidney dialysis patients. Along with that, we study about the health benefits of taking Ayurvedic treatment. 

What is Dialysis?

Dialysis is a surgical method that is used to remove accumulated waste from the body of a kidney patient. Kidneys are the organs that are significant to purify the blood by excreting waste from the body with the urine. Furthermore, the organ is also vital for the formation of hormones that help in the productions of red blood cells and to keep the blood pressure in control. Apart from that, the renal system has job roles such as forming urine, helping other organs, and maintaining the levels of fluid, nutrients, and minerals in the blood. But, what happens when these job roles of the renal system get obstructed?


In this condition, you may notice problems like foamy urine, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, high blood pressure, etc. At that time, you may consider dialysis as the best option to terminate the disease. But, let us inform you that dialysis is not a treatment that will ward off your kidney problems. It is only a technique to empty or clean your stomach loaded with waste. Although dialysis is an option that can augment the number of problems for a kidney disease survivor, Dr. Puneet Dhawan, an amiable young man, has proved that a complete kidney disease remission is possible without dialysis. For your conscience, we have shared the link of a kidney patient testimonial who took Ayurvedic treatment for dialysis patients. 

Kidney Treatment Without Dialysis

Yes, Ayurvedic treatment is not only useful, but it's potent enough to rejuvenate the damaged kidney and its nephrons. Given below are some of the health benefits of taking Ayurvedic treatment.  

  1. Ayurvedic medications are made up of natural herbs and ingredients; that is why they do not cause obnoxious side effects. Some innocuous bugs occurred due to Ayurvedic medications, but they are not potent enough to harm a kidney patient. 
  2. Kidney failure treatment without dialysis is free from surgical methods and artificial medications. That is why it is less expensive and easy to follow. 
  3. Ayurveda's lifestyle is not easy to adopt, but it has potential benefits that are vital for a kidney patient. 
  4. Ayurvedic medications focus on ending a disease by terminating its main factors, symptoms, and complications. 
  5. The ayurvedic treatment works to sustain healthy levels of your high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol that are the leading causes of kidney disease. 
  6. Ayurvedic herbs pacify your vitiated Doshas and strengthen the kidneys to conquer the disease. 
  7. Ayurveda is a medical method that also works to ease anxiety, depression, and fear. These psychological problems are common to find in people with kidney diseases. 
  8. Ayurvedic medications have the power to stop kidney dialysis and renal replacement therapy.

kidney treatment without dialysis

These were some of the benefits that Ayurvedic kidney treatment has. On the off chance, you are battling kidney disease and for which you are juggling with dialysis, then hold the hand of Karma Ayurveda.


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