Doctor Puneet Dhawan is one of the renowned ayurvedic specialists in Delhi proffering ayurvedic solutions to one and all kidney problems. He is the fifth generation of his family who has taken the fidelity of spreading the word Ayurveda in curing chronic and acute kidney disease. He is reversing the ill effects of dialysis and a kidney transplant and replacing them with empathetic values of ayurvedic herbs. Till date, Dr. Dhawan has a proven record of treating more than 35000 kidney patients with his keen eye on preparing herbal medications. Here is a cited example of one of the victims of the kidney failure who was taking dialysis to manage life. Mr. Sunil Sharma who abodes to Andheri Mumbai, was under the dialysis convention (three times per week) because of the malfunctioned kidneys. He visited Karma Ayurveda in Dec 2018 only and contacted Dr. Dhawan thereafter. At that time his creatinine was high to endure a normal life, leaving complications also including weakness in the body, body pain, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting. After 3 months of ayurvedic treatment, he still feels timid but, the creatinine in his blood has reduced to an extent. The amazing fact is that this ayurvedic treatment has helped him in reducing the frequency of dialysis from three to zero now. It has been like three months, and he has not taken dialysis after Jan 2019. Karma Ayurveda has again proved that ayurvedic medicines can cure the minor and major complications of a disease without taking into consideration allopathic treatment. The ayurvedic medications by Dr. Dhawan are comprised of sacred herbs from the surroundings and nature. The main agenda to use empathetic herbs is that they facilitate urine production while preventing water and fluid retention at the same. If you want to get influence with what we are serving on the table, then get in touch with our doctors and dieticians and learn how you can lead a normal life even without dialysis or a transplant.

Certificate no- AH-2023-0186

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"Ayurveda is not just a system of medicine; it's a way of life. Connect with us to embrace a lifestyle that nurtures your body, mind, and soul."

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