Karma Ayurveda Kidney Patient Name - Muhammad Yunus

Creatinine level reduced from 10.02 to 7.2mg/dL

Ayurveda is an ancient science that is more than 5000 years old. In the 21st-century, people are again adopting Ayurvedic remedies or medicines to get rid of their minor to severe health illnesses. Ayurvedic medications are known as a panacea for kidney problems. In spite of taking dialysis, kidney patients are taking Ayurvedic medication to continue living. Dialysis does not cure kidney disease; it only removes the waste from the body. In this write-up, you will read about the experience of a kidney patient, who took Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Puneet Dhawan. The patient Muhammad Yunus belongs to U.P. When Muhammad Yunus consulted Dr. Puneet Dhawan for Ayurvedic treatment, his creatinine level was 10.02mg/dL, and he took 3-sessions of dialysis in a hospital of Saudi Arabia before approaching us. Even after this procedure, Muhammad Yunus didn’t observe any positive changes in his medical report. Meantime, when he came back to India, he got to know about Karma Ayurveda and Dr. Puneet Dhawan. So, he decided to try his hands in Ayurveda. You wouldn’t believe – after taking Ayurvedic medications and a renal diet plan, Muhammad Yunus's high creatinine level reduced to 7.2mg/dL, and he was out of the protocol of dialysis. Now he is fit and fine to fly back to Saudi Arabia. Yes, Muhammad Yunus almost damaged kidney got revivified once again with the help of Ayurveda. Again and again, Dr. Puneet Dhawan is proving how effective is Ayurvedic science. Muhammad Yunus is among one of the lacs of kidney patients, who have got benefited from Ayurvedic treatment. Dr. Puneet Dhawan only promotes a motto to Stop Kidney Dialysis. He has proved that dialysis is a type of destructive treatment that does not cure your damaged kidney. It is not a sumptuous treatment that heals the fundamental causes and symptoms correlated with the disease. It is only a way through which you can empty your toxin-filled blood. A disease cannot be prevented until you do not terminate its roots. Dr. Puneet Dhawan under this fact works to stop the disease and to rejuvenate the damaged filter of the kidney. In case, if you or anyone in your loved one has kidney-related problems or taking dialysis, then head to Karma Ayurveda for Ayurvedic treatment.


Certificate no- AH-2023-0186

JAN 05,2023-JAN 04,2026

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