Kidneys are the only organs that can restore their health with the right diet unless you are in the chronic stage of kidney disease. They are two of the most important organs that can help get rid of extra waste products from the body. If you have got both of your kidneys failed then the entire supportive system of the body gets disturbed. That is why it is necessary to keep them healthy by adopting a healthy diet plan and taking ayurvedic medicines. If your kidneys become unhealthy to perform filtration work then Ayurveda is the ultimate solution. Ayurveda is a blessing to the people around and is vitally used in the reduction of complications from the body. Karma Ayurveda is one renowned institution in Delhi providing ayurvedic medicines for almost every kidney problem. Thousands of kidney patients have got relief with herbal medicines created by Doctor Puneet Dhawan. Dr. Puneet says that the accumulation of toxins that should be filtered out from the body makes the patient feel sick. The consequences are not limited but causes swelling in the body parts, increase the blood pressure level, disturb the urine frequency, sieves out blood along the urine and causes pain in the chest and abdomen. The ayurvedic medicines by Karma Ayurveda not only help to cure the underlying cause of damage but surpass these symptoms as well. Here is how we are helping the patients with our ayurvedic medicines: Dilip Kumar, who belongs to Chhapra, Bihar was suffering from complications of kidney disease. He had swelling and pain in the left foot and leg, and his doctor suggested dialysis and transplant both for his kidney disease.  When he visited Doctor Puneet Dhawan, he had creatinine level spiked at 8.3mg/dL. After 3 months of ayurvedic treatment, his creatinine dropped to 5.02 mg/dL in March while BUN reduced from 87 to 50mg/dL. His reports clearly show that ayurvedic treatment can actually help to reduce the need to have dialysis and transplant when taken under the supervision of an ayurvedic specialist. This is just a single report which has proved that ayurvedic treatment aids in removing the chronic kidney disease from the body completely. Those who believe that ayurvedic medicines are not reliable for chronic kidney disease should try ayurvedic treatment at least once! If you need assistance from Doctor Puneet Dhawan, then contact Karma Ayurveda!

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